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The Newark Experience

What Does That Mean?

"Nobody Don't Really Know What That Mean": Understandings of "Queer" among Urban LGBTQ Young People of Color"
Vanessa R. Panfil. Journal of Homosexuality May 28, 2019, pp. 1-23.
"Drawing from in-depth, semi-structured interviews with 40 urban LGBTQ young people of color in Newark, New Jersey, I explore their uses, understandings, and meanings of queer." Rutgers-restricted Access

Pride Guide

Pride Guide: United We Stand
16th Annual Newark LGBTQ Pride Festival program. 2022.


database contains streaming videos Dreams Deferred: the Sakia Gunn Film Project
"A documentary on the events surrounding the death of Sakia Gunn, a 15-year old African American lesbian who was fatally stabbed in gay hate crime in Newark, New Jersey. The film includes the court hearing, arguments presented by both sides regarding the victim and the accused, and the sentencing." Rutgers-restricted Access
Nobody Knows Her Name: Making Sakia Legible
Kiana Green. Thinking Gender Papers. UCLA Center for the Study of Women, 2009.
Examines "how the narrative of Sakia Gunn’s death, as exemplified by the 2008 documentary film, Dreams Deferred: The Sakia Gunn Project, participates in a tradition of politicizing Black death while also exposing that very tradition of political death, as, ironically, the very cultural formation that allows the Gunn murder to remain unknown in U.S. public culture."
database contains streaming videos Out in the Night
Documentary on "The New Jersey 4," four African-American lesbians from Newark who were arrested for assaulting a man who attacked them on a street in New York in 2006. Rutgers-restricted Access

Queer in the Ironbound

Queering Political Economy in Neoliberal Ironbound Newark: Subjectivity and Spacemaking among Brazilian Queer Immigrant Men
Yamil Avivi. Dialogo 18(2), 2015, pp. 105-118.
"This ethnographic account employs textual and spatial-temporal analysis to generate an alternative narrative of gay/queer life and groupings in the Ironbound."
Betina Botox and Lobixomen "Tao Engranados!" Queer Brazilian Televisual Representations Shaping Spatial (Im)possibilities in Newark
Yamil Avivi Garcia. Bilingual Review 33(4), January 2017, pp. 45-59.
"This ethnographic essay examines the ways two “tão engraçados” [very humorous] televisual Brazilian queer representations—those of Betina Botox (a questionably-middle-class gay male from Sāo Paulo) and Lobixomen (a heterosexual man who turns into a wolf in drag under a full moon)—impacted queer Brazilian informants who lived in the Ironbound..." Rutgers-restricted Access
When the Heart Keeps on Beating: Hybridity and Otherness in paulA neves' Poetry
Reinaldo Silva. Interdisciplinary Journal of Portuguese Diaspora Studies 8, 2019, pp. 75-101
"This new voice from the Ironbound section of Newark, New Jersey heralds a promising first generation of Portuguese American writers whose parents first set foot there in the late 1960s and afterwards. While tapping from her own upbringing in this industrial setting, neves discusses her unique Portuguese American ethnic background from a gendered and lesbian points of view." Rutgers-restricted Access

Marriage as a Priority

"What's the Matter with Newark?: Race, Class, Marriage Politics, and the Limits of Queer Liberalism"
Arlene Stein. IN Marrying Kind? : Debating Same-Sex Marriage within the Lesbian and Gay Movement. Mary Bernstein and Verta Taylor, eds. University of Minnesota Press, 2013, pp.39-65. Rutgers-restricted Access

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