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The Newark Experience: Newark Schools: The 1990s to the Present


Best Kept Secret.
New York, NY, Filmakers LIbrary, 2013.
"JFK High School, located in a run-down area in Newark, New Jersey, is a public school for all types of students with special education needs. Janet Mino has taught her class of young men with autism for four years. When they all graduate, they will leave the security of the public school system forever. Best Kept Secret follows Ms. Mino and her students over the year and a half before graduation. The clock is ticking to find them a place in the adult world—a job or rare placement in a recreational center—so they do not end up where their predecessors have, sitting at home, institutionalized, or on the streets." Rutgers-restricted Access
Education in Newark, The Real Nitty Gritty
Four-part video produced by the students in the Abbott Institute Media Symposium in the summer of 2015 on the current state of education in Newark.
Beyond the Bricks
New York, N.Y., Washington Koen Media Productions Inc., 2010.
"Follows African American students Shaquiel Ingram and Erick Graham as they struggle to stay on track in the Newark, NJ public school system." Available?
Heart of Stone [Videorecording].
Beth Toni Kruvant, producer and director. Good Footage, 2009.
"Portrait of a bold principal who works with gang leaders and alumni of Weequahic High School of Newark, New Jersey to give African American students at this inner city school a hopeful future."
Dana Call Number: Dana Media DVD 475
Brick City Lessons: Reinventing Newark Schools [Videorecording].
Produced by Dave Davidson and Amber Edwards. Trenton, N.J., NJN Video, 2008. "Provides an inside look at several Newark schools that are empowering students to take charge of their education and their future. This inspiring documentary about hope, creativity and determination spotlights the passionate, dedicated teachers and innovative administrators who are making the difference." Dana Call Number: Dana Media DVD 539
Documentary produced by students in the 2010 Abbott Leadership Youth Media Symposium. Interviews with Newark students who decided to drop out. Part 1 Part 2

Newark Schools Research Collaborative

Newark Schools Research Collaborative
"The Newark Schools Research Collaborative (NSRC) is a collaborative project of the Newark Public Schools (NPS) and Rutgers University-Newark (RU-N)... Rather than viewing itself as the scientifically detached expert, NSRC functions in the traditions of “action” and applied research to work collaboratively with stakeholders to use research-based knowledge to improve school and student success, and to work with stakeholders to enhance the capacity for educational reform in the city of Newark." In 2013 the Collaborative became part of the Joseph C. Cornwall Center for Metropolitan Studies.

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1990s to the Present

New Jersey State Department of Education Monitoring, Intervention, and Takeover Practices in the Newark, Trenton, and Jersey City Public School Districts.
Randy Pratt. Ed.D. Thesis, Seton Hall University, 1992.
Dana Call Number: LB2809. .N5P73 1992a [NEWARK plus STACKS] Available?
"The Effects of Centralized Government Authority on Black and Latino Political Empowerment"
Domingo Morel. Political Research Quarterly 69(2), June 2016, pp. 347-360.
"To assess the effects of centralized government on political empowerment among racial minorities, this article examines how state takeovers of local school districts have affected black and Latino descriptive representation on local school boards. Using an original dataset of state takeovers of local school districts from 1989 to 2013, as well as case study analysis of Newark, New Jersey, this article shows that centralization affects communities differently according to the level of political empowerment they have at the time of centralization." Rutgers-restricted Access
"Teacher Development and Reform in an Inner City School,"
Jean Anyon. Teachers College Record 96(1), 1994, 14-31. Rutgers-restricted Access.
"Inner City School Reform: Toward Useful Theory,"
Jean Anyon. Urban Education 30(1), April 1995, 56-70.
Dana Call Number: Periodical, Shelved by Title.
"Race, Social Class, and Educational Reform in an Inner-City School,"
Jean Anyon. Teachers College Record 97(1), Fall 1995, 69-94. Rutgers-restricted Access.
Ghetto Schooling: A Political Economy of Urban Educational Reform.
Jean Anyon. New York, Teachers College Press, 1997.
Looks at an effort at educational reform in Newark in the early 90s and traces how past economic and political decisions have shaped Newark city schools. An important work on urban educational policy. Rutgers-restricted Access.
Dana Call Number: F144 .N69G76 2003 [NEWARK plus STACKS] Available? 
Black Mayors and School Politics: The Failure of Reform in Detroit, Gary, and Newark.
Wilbur C. Rich. New York, Garland, 1996.
Analyzes the roles played by black mayors and black politicians in relation to school policies and attempted reforms in Detroit, Gary, and Newark. Finds that neither black nor white political power is sufficient to overcome the power of the "public school cartel" (administrators, school board members, professional educators, and teacher union leaders) which controls school policy-making in large city school districts.
Dana Call Number: NEWARK LC90 .M5R53 1996 Available?
Committee Meeting of Joint Committee on the Public Schools: Commissioner of Education, Dr. Leo Klagholz and Newark State District Superintendent, Dr. Beverly Hall will Present the District's Strategic Plan.
New Jersey. Legislature. Joint Committee on the Public Schools. Trenton, N.J., December 16, 1996.
Dana Call Number: NEWARK LA333 .N6P83 12/16/96 Available?
Committee Meeting of Joint Committee on the Public Schools: Testimony on the State Operation of the Newark Public Schools.
New Jersey. Legislature. Joint Committee on the Public Schools.
February 5, 1997: Dana Call Number: NEWARK LA333 .N6P83 2/5/97 Available?
March 5, 1997: Dana Call Number: NEWARK LA333 .N6P83 3/5/97 Available?
Committee Meeting of Joint Committee on the Public Schools: Testimony from Commissioner William L. Librera on the Status of the Three State-Run Districts.
New Jersey. Legislature. Joint Committee on the Public Schools. April 17, 2003. Also at Dana Call Number: NEWARK L179 .N5P83 4/17/2003 Available?
Other People's Schools: The Challenge of Building New Schools in New Jersey's Urban Districts: 2000-2010
Robert S. Daniel. (Ph.D Thesis) Rutgers University Newark, 2013.
"This dissertation captures the 10-year contemporary history of implementing the facilities element of New Jersey’s historic Abbott V decision. New Jersey’s Legislature and Governor took this Supreme Court decision and created legislation responding to multiple constituencies and lobbyists while shaping a school construction program to be deposited within a government agency for implementation. While not the largest in nominal dollar value, New Jersey’s program was possibly the widest in geographic scope and most detailed in ambition in the United States."
Racial Segregation in New Jersey's Public Schools: Progressive Public Policy at a Crossroads.
Nancy Ann Spiller. D.Litt. Thesis. Drew University, 2001.
"Explores the disjuncture between the segregated condition of the public school system and progressive public policy developed to correct that problem." Includes case studies of Newark, Englewood, Camden, and Montclair schools.
Dana Call Number: LC212.522 .N5S64 2001a [NEWARK plus STACKS] Available?
New Jersey's Apertheid and Intensely Segregated Urban Schools: Powerful Evidence of an Inefficient and Unconstitutional State Education System
Paul Tractenberg, Gary Orfield and Greg Flaxman. Rutgers University-Newark. Institute on Education Law and Policy. October 2013.
A Report Jointly Prepared with the Civil Rights Project, UCLA. Looks at levels of school segregation in New Jersey's poor urban schools, including Newark.
"Regime Theory, State Government, and a Takeover of Urban Education,"
Peter Burns. Journal of Urban Affairs 25(3), July 2003, 285-303.
Examines the state takeover of Newark schools. "The Newark case illustrates how politics and structural conditions motivated state government to change the nature of the education regime and directly shape education policy at the local level." Rutgers-restricted Access
Myths and Realities: The Impact of the State Takeover on Students and Schools in Newark.
William M. Eglinton. Boston Mass., Community Training and Assistance Center, c.2000.
Data and perceptions on school and district operations, community engagement, and student performance five years after the State takeover of Newark city schools.
Putting the Children First: The Changing Face of Newark's Public Schools.
Edited by Jonathan G.Silin and Carol Lippman. New York, Teachers College Press, 2003.
Focuses on "Project New Beginnings," a collaborative project begun in 1996 between the Newark Public Schools and the Bank Street College of Education (NYC) aimed at restructuring early childhood education.
Dana Call Number: LA333 .N4P88 2003 [NEWARK plus STACKS] Available?
"Changing a Failing Promotional Standard: A Close Look at the Newark Public Schools District's Hidden Social Promotion Policy"
Molly Moynihan. Seton Hall Legislative Journal 33(2) June 2009, pp. 609-649.
"This Note examines whether the strategy of "promotion with intervention" within the Newark Public Schools District violates the Education Clause of the New Jersey Constitution, a state constitutional mandate to provide all children with a "thorough and efficient" education." Rutgers-restricted Access
At the Front of the Bus: A Community Based Perspective of the Community, Issues, and Organizing Efforts to Improve Public Schooling in Newark, New Jersey.
Michelle Lauren Wells. Ph.D. Thesis, University of California, 2009.
"This study examined community organizing for educational equity—also called education organizing—in the northeastern city of Newark, New Jersey. It focused on understanding, from the perspective of those involved, both the goals that community members, community organizers, and education advocates sought to achieve and the processes and practices that they used to represent community interests and establish community leadership. "
Dana Call Number: LC221.3 .N5W45 2009a [NEWARK plus STACKS] Available?
Measuring the Effectiveness of an Alternative Education Collaborative in Improving Student Outcomes in Newark, New Jersey.
Soribel Genao. Thesis (Ph.D), Rutgers University, 2010.
"Compares the relative efficacy of alternative education placements in two Newark-based initiatives and evaluates the collaborative process among stakeholders in these initiatives."
Dana Call Number: LC5133 .N5G46 2010a [NEWARK plus STACKS] Available?
The Politics of School Reform: A Broader and Bolder Approach for Newark
Pedro A. Noguera and Lauren Wells. Berkeley Review of Education 2(1), 2011.
As a contrast to the decontextualized approach to school improvement that has characterized national reforms, a new strategy to school improvement that is underway in Newark, New Jersey is presented as an alternative model...based on the premise that educational reforms must be designed to counter and mitigate the effects of social and economic conditions in the local environment.
"Measuring the Effectiveness of an Alternative Education Collaboration: Newark, New Jersey"
Soribel Genao. International Journal of Educational Management 28(4), 2014, pp. 432-450.
" Utilizing a quantitative approach, this research compares the efficacy of a newly developed collaborative alternative education program to existing programs in New Jersey's Newark Public Schools during 2008-2009." Rutgers-restricted Access [NOTE: Due to publisher restrictions, the electronic version of this article will not be accessible until mid-2015.]
Resident Perceptions of Public Education in Newark: A Community Survey
Alan Sadovnik et al. New York University Metropolitan Center for Urban Education and Rutgers University-Newark Newark Schools Research Collaborative. 2011.
The Prize: Who's in Charge of America's Schools?
Dale Russakoff. Boston, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2015.
Mark Zuckerberg gave $100 million to "fix" Newark schools. Why it didn't work. Available?
Science Instruction in Newark Public Schools
Thomas B. Corcoran and Gail B. Gerry. New York, Columbia University Teachers College, Consortium for Policy Research in Education, CPRE Research Report # RR‐71, September 2011.
"The Oil Game: Generating Enthusiasm for Geosciences in Urban Youth in Newark, N.J."
Alexander E. Gates & Michael J. Kalczynski. Journal of Geoscience Education 64(1), February 2016, 17-23.
"A hands-on game based upon principles of oil accumulation and drilling was highly effective at generating enthusiasm toward the geosciences in urban youth from underrepresented minority groups in Newark, NJ. " Rutgers-restricted Access
The Factors Influencing Teachers' Decision to Integrate Current Technology Educational Tools in Urban Elementary Public Schools
Claudio Barbaran. Ed.D. Thesis, Saint Peter's University, 2014.
"The purpose of this study was to determine the strength of the relationships, if any, between teachers' demographics, use of current technological tools, attitudes, professional development, and rate and stage of technology adoption/integration...Five elementary urban public schools and 133 teachers in Newark, New Jersey, participated in the study. Their responses were used to determine the relationships between various factors and the rate and stage of technology adoption/integration."
New Jersey's Special Review Assessment (SRA): An Examination of the Post Secondary Outcomes of Newark High School Graduates 2003-2008
Andre Keeton, Alan R. Sadovnik, and Jeffrey Backstrand. Rutgers University, Newark, Institute on Education Law and Policy and the Newark Schools Research Collaborative. May 25, 2011.
"This report describes the post-secondary experiences of NPS high school students who graduated via either the New Jersey High School Proficiency Assessment (HSPA) or the Special Review Assessment (SRA) route. The analyses presented in this report employ data from six cohorts of NPS high school graduates (2003 through 2008)."
A Statistical Analysis of the Newark Public Schools
Jason M. Barr. November 2004.
Using 2002-2003 New Jersey Report Card data, analyses the performance and characteristics of fourth and eighth grade students in Newark public schools. Looks at determinants of student performance and differences in student composition and performance between charter and other public schools.
Charter Schools and Urban Education Improvement: A Comparison of Newark's District and Charter Schools
Jason Barr, Alan Sadovnik, and Louisa Visconti. October 2005.
A Comparison of District and Charter Schools for 4th and 8th Grades in Newark, New Jersey.
Jason Barr, Alan Sadovnik, and Louisa Visconti. Rutgers University Newark Working Paper #2006-002. May 2006
Charter High Schools: Closing the Achievement Gap: Innovations in Education.
Washington, D.C., U.S. Dept. of Education, 2006.
Profiles eight charter schools, including the North Star Academy School of Newark, that are meeting achievement goals under No Child Left Behind (NCLB). 95% of North Star's 2005 graduates were accepted to 4-year universities.
Comprehensive Annual Financial Report of the North Star Academy Charter School of Newark for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2012.
"Home is Where the Heart Is: Can Cory Booker Save Newark's Schools?,"
David Skinner. Education Next 2006(4), Fall 2006, 23-29
Using Classroom Management to Improve Preschoolers' Social and Emotional Skills: Final Impact and Implementation Findings from the Foundations of Learning Demonstration in Newark and Chicago.
Pamela Morris et al. New York, MRDC, January 2013.