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The Newark Experience

Newark Police Department

Newark Police Department
The Newark Police Department ranks as the largest municipal police force in New Jersey, and the fifth oldest in the United States.


Policing the Police 2020
Frontline documentary on the Newark Police Department. Rutgers-restricted Access
Foot Patrol
Rockville, MD, National Institute of Justice, 1990. Streaming Video.
"Discusses the effects of deploying police officers on foot, with focus on Newark and Boston. Includes discussion of techniques, responsibilities, and special hazards of police officers on foot. " Rutgers-restricted Access

DOJ Investigation

Investigation of the Newark Police Department
United States Department of Justice. Civil Rights Division and United States Attorney's Office, District of New Jersey. July 22, 2014.

Policing in Newark

Police Problems in Newark: Report of a Survey Conducted at the Request of Honorable John B. Keenan, Director of Public Safety, Newark, N.J.
Newark, N.J., Bureau of Municipal Research, INC.,1943.
"The survey found a police department in Newark which can be described for the most part only in uncomplimentary superlatives." Available?
"Race Riots of 1967: An Analysis of Police Violence in Detroit and Newark,"
Albert Bergesen. Journal of Black Studies 12(3), March 1982, 261-274.
Examines the specific circumstances of death for each person killed during the 1967 Detroit and Newark riots. Rutgers-restricted Access
"Police Applicant Says Old Divorce Case Blocked Appointment to Force"
Bob Queen. The Afro-American (Baltimore) January 13, 1973, p.6.
"Complainants in a lawsuit filed last Friday in Federal Court here, charging that the Newark police exams are discriminatory and designed to keep black and Spanish-speaking applicants out of the department, claimed that severalthat passed the written test were KO'd in the oral and psychiatric sections of the examination."
Introduction to Crime Prevention Officers Course for the City of Newark, N.J., May 3, 1973.
Newark, N.J., Greater Newark Chamber of Commerce, [1973].
Prepared and sponsored by Chamber of Commerce of Newark, Newark Police Dept., Interstate Security Services, Inc. Available?
Police Leaders in the New Community Problem-Solving Era.
Michael J. Jenkins and John DeCarlo. Durham, Carolina Academic Press, 2015.
Community policing in Boston, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, and Newark. Available?
The Evolution of Community Policing Over Twenty Years: From Theory to Implementation and Beyond Rutgers-restricted access
David Paul Weiss. Thesis (Ph.D.), Claremont Graduate University, 2006.
Includes an in-depth analysis of four U.S. cities that have engaged in community policing: San Diego, Chicago, Newark, and Lowell. Available?
Case Study: Newark, New Jersey
Larry Edward Moss IN Black Political Ascendancy in Urban Centers and Black Control of the Local Police Function. San Francisco : R & E Research Associates, 1977, Chapter 3. pp. 54-95. Available?
"Politics, Police Accountability, and Public Health: Civilian Review in Newark, New Jersey"
Alecia McGregor. Journal of Urban Health 93(Supple. 1), April 2016, 141-153.
"On April 30, 2015, the mayor of Newark, New Jersey signed an executive order establishing a Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB) to monitor the Newark Police Department (NPD). Using a mixed-methods approach, this study examined how advocates and government actors accomplished this recent policy change in the face of police opposition and after a 50-year history of unsuccessful attempts in Newark." Rutgers-restricted Access
Police and Citizen Perceptions of Police Power.
Gina Robertiello. Lewiston, N.Y., Edwin Mellen Press, 2005.
Uses a survey comprised of various street scenarios and administered to Newark police and citizens to look at police and citizen perceptions of what power police will use and how citizens feel about the action expected. Available?
Perspective Taking: Understanding Perceptions of Police-Community Relations In Newark, New Jersey
Tania Jimenez. (Psy. D. Thesis), William James College, 2022.
"This study examined the bidirectional perceptions between 29 Newark police officers and 171 Newark residents. The purpose of the study was to gain a deeper understanding of the tensions between these two groups and to provide recommendations to repair police-community relations." Rutgers-restricted Access
Examining Police-Black Citizen Interactions in Newark, New Jersey
Kashea Kovacs. (Ph.D. Thesis) Rutgers University-Newark, 2023.
"Examines the involuntary encounters of young, Black Newark residents with Newark Police Department officers to better understand how contextual and individual factors inform perceptions of the police."
Examining Relationship Between Police Education and Perspectives on Use of Force in Minority Communities Rutgers-restricted access
Christopher Chapman. Thesis (Ph.D.), Northcentral University, 2009.
"[T]his study focused on relationships between educational level and other demographic characteristics of officers and their reported frequency, level, and acceptance of the use of force. An on-line survey was conducted with police officers from Newark, Orange, and Elizabeth, NJ, which have large minority populations." Available?
"Police Employee Disciplinary Matrix: An Emerging Concept"
Jon M. Shane. Police Quarterly 15(1), March 2012, pp. 62-91.
"This article explores the concept of a rational sentencing structure for imposing internal police discipline that helps practitioners make more reasoned and consistent decisions when dispensing discipline. The data consists of 360 hr of participant observation of police trials involving sworn police officers and civilian employees in the Newark, New Jersey Police Department." Rutgers-restricted Access
The Effectiveness of Police Departments' Responses to Excessive Officer Involved Shootings
Jacqueline Elizabeth Perrotta. (D.B.A. Thesis). Northcentral University, 2020.
"This study evaluates the police department response to excessive officer involved shootings throughout seven similarly demographic cities: New York City, Newark, Chicago, Washington D.C., New Orleans, Philadelphia, and San Francisco." Rutgers-restricted Access
"Responding to Persons with Mental Illnesses: Police Perspectives on Specialized and Traditional Practices"
Courtenay L. Sellers et al. Behavioral Sciences & the Law 23(5), September 2005, pp.647-657.
Compares the responses of a subsample of 182 officers from the Newark, NJ, Police Department to a sample of 452 officers from three agencies with specialized responses to persons with mental illnesses. Rutgers-restricted Access
Neighborhood Police Newsletters: Experiments in Newark and Houston: Executive Summary
Antony M. Pate et. al., Police Foundation, July 12, 1985.
Summarizes the results of evaluations of two experiments in which neighborhood police newsletters were mailed to households in Newark and in Houston.
Technical Report
Reducing Fear of Crime in Houston and Newark: A Summary Report
Antony M. Pate, Police Foundation, 1986.
"The research summarized in this report indicates that if officers work harder at talking and listening to citizens, they can reduce the fear of crime and, in some cases, even crime itself." Available?
"Returning to First Principles: Reducing the Fear of Crime in Newark"
Hubert Williams and Antony M. Pate. Crime & Delinquency 33(1), January 1987, pp.53-70.
Police Foundation conducted evaluations of several different law enforcement programs designed to address the fear of crime in Newark and Houston. This article describes how the programs in Newark were developed, implemented, and evaluated and summarizes the results of those evaluations. Available?
Armed Aggravated Assaults on Police Officers in Newark, New Jersey : An Exploratory Analysis
Jennifer L. Lanterman. Thesis (Ph.D.). Rutgers University, 2007.
The purpose of the current exploratory case study is to determine whether patterns or common factors exist in the armed aggravated assaults on police officers in Newark, New Jersey. Available?


Stop-and-Frisk: A First Look. Six Months of Data on Stop-and-Frisk Practices in Newark
American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey. February 2014.

Personal Accounts

The First Black Captain
Edward D. Williams. New York, Vantage Press, 1974.
Autobiography of the first black precinct captain in Newark. Available?
The Blue Warrior: Above the Line of Duty
Otto Jerry Moravek. New York, Carlton Press Corp., 1995. Available?
Total Misconduct: Factual Account of Police and Political Corruption
Samuel Clark. Cheyenne, WY, Disclosure Research and Publishing, 2005.
Newark police lieutenant turned whistleblower. Available?

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