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The Newark Experience: The College Experience

Archaeological Investigations

The University and the City

University-Led Innovation in and for Peripheral Urban Areas: New Approaches in Naples, Italy and Newark, NJ, US
Jean-Paul D. Addie, Mariarosalba Angrisani, and Stefano De Falco. European Planning Studies 26(6), June 2018, pp. 1181–1201
"This paper focuses on the spatial development problem of university-led innovation in peripheral urban areas...A comparative investigation of Naples and Newark, NJ captures the functional operation of regional innovation and urban development as a contested product of discourses, technologies (material and governance), and territorial arrangements." [Due to publisher embargo, not available online until 18 months after publication.]

R-N Student Newspapers

The Dana Library has the following Newark student newspapers available on Microfilm:

Dana College Chronicle 1930-1935
University of Newark Observer 1936-1942
The Observer 1942-1953
The Rutgers Observer 1953-1975
The Observer 1975-1990

An incomplete collection of unbound issues of the Observer is also available in the Dana Library Archives.

R-N Student Yearbooks

Yearbooks under a variety of titles (Dana College Encore; Encore; Encore: Rutgers in Newark; Rutgers University Newark Encore, etc.) from 1937 to the present are available in the Dana Library Archives.

The 1937-1940 yearbooks have been digitized by the Rutgers University Libraries.

Newark Colleges Collection

Newark Colleges Collection, 1927-1983
"Documents, including clippings, commencement programs, course bulletins, fundraising material, etc. mostly relating to the University of Newark and the New Jersey Institute of Technology," In the Cummings New Jersey Information Center at the Newark Public Library. More from the Newark Archives Project.

The College Experience

Dana College/University of Newark/Rutgers-Newark

Connect: Rutgers-Newark Newsletter
Published three times a year; online back to Fall/Winter 2000.
Rutgers University in Newark: A Century of Reaching Higher
Helen Paxton, editor. Newark, N.J., Rutgers-Newark Office of Communications, 2008.
History of Rutgers-Newark prepared for the 2008 centennial. Available?
A History of the University of Newark, 1908-1945.
Hugh Francis Bennett. Thesis (Ph.D), New York University, 1956. Available?
Rutgers-Newark History
Brewing Bachelors: The History of the University of Newark
Harold S. Wechsler. From the establishment of the University of Newark in 1936 to the merger of the University with Rutgers University in 1946.
New Jersey Digital Highway: Rutgers Prepares for War
Digitized documents from the Rutgers University Libraries Special Collections and University Archives. Response of the Rutgers (New Brunswick) community to U.S. entry into World War II.
A Brief History of the Red Scare at Rutgers
Jan Ellen Lewis. "In the early 1950s, three members of the faculty were forced out of our university for refusing to answer Congressional questions about their possible Communist affiliations." Delivered to the Faculty, Rutgers University, Newark March 25, 2009.
The Cold War at Rutgers University: A Case Study of the Dismissals of Professors Heimlich, Finley, and Glasser Rutgers-restricted access
Thomas F. Richards. Thesis (Ph.D), Rutgers University, 1986. Available?
Rutgers From the Inside: A View of a Contemporary University [Motion Picture]
"Shows college classrooms (graduate and undergraduate), activities, and campus of Rutgers University (Rutgers, Rutgers Newark, Douglass) in 1966. Includes interviews with students who express their attitudes towards classmates, curriculum, and the transition to a state university." Available?
Newark Colleges Expansion Project
April 1959 map of properties to be demolished for construction of Rutgers and NJIT. NPL Digital Collection
Property Map of Newark Colleges Expansion Project July 1960
Newark Public Library Digital Collection.
Boundary Map of Newark Colleges Expansion Project [2/27/1961]
Map of area cleared for expansion of Rutgers Newark and NJIT. From the Newark Public Library Digital Collection.
Electronic New Jersey: Social Protest in the 1960s and 1970s
Based on sources from the Rutgers University Libraries' Special Collections and University Archives.
Inventory to the Rutgers-Newark in the 1960s and 1970s Oral History Collection, 1990-1992.
"The collection consists of cassette recordings of oral history interviews conducted by librarian emeritus Gilbert Cohen. These interviews document the city of Newark and Rutgers University-Newark in the 1960s and 1970s. Sixty people associated with the Rutgers-Newark campus were interviewed including students, faculty, administration, and staff representing a wide spectrum of political beliefs and levels of activism." Includes links to online audio and transcripts.
A Report to the New Jersey Legislature Concerning the Recent Events and Disturbances at the Newark and Camden Campuses of Rutgers, the State University
Ralph A. Dungan. Trenton, Department of Higher Education, 1969. Available?
An Analysis of the 1968-1969 Black Student Disturbances at Rutgers University.
Nancy Winterbauer. Thesis (ED. D.), Rutgers University, 1980.Available?
The Black Student Protest Movement at Rutgers.
Richard Patrick McCormick. New Brunswick, Rutgers University Press, 1990. Available?
Factors Contributing to the Decline of Black Undergraduate Enrollment at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey: 1981-1985Rutgers-restricted access
Deborah Brown Bowles. Thesis (Ph.D), Temple University, 1989. Available?
What Does it Mean to be an American at Rutgers-Newark?
Omid Farza. A Newark Metro report.
The Transformation of Metropolitan Universities: A Case Study of Rutgers University-Newark and its Community Engagement Programs, 1967-2010
Diane Hill. Thesis (Ph.D.). Rutgers University, 2012.
"This study was guided by the following research question: How has Rutgers-Newark's commitment to community engagement evolved since the 1967 Newark disorders? The study revealed how community engagement can evolve within tertiary educational institutions in urban settings and, regarding the Rutgers-Newark campus, concludes that the following three major factors influenced the advancement of community engagement: leadership, vision and mission." Available?
Male Identity and Academic Engagement: Case Studies of Black Male Collegians at an Urban University
Jermaine J. Monk. Thesis (Ph.D.), Rutgers University Newark, 2016.
"This qualitative study utilized semi-structured interviews to explore the influence of male identity on academic engagement amongst Black males in an urban university [Rutgers University Newark]."

New Jersey College of Pharmacy/Rutgers University College of Pharmacy

The Rutgers University College of Pharmacy: A Centennial History.
Roy A. Bowers and David L. Cowen. New Brunswick, Rutgers University Press, 1991.
Established as the New Jersey College of Pharmacy in 1892 in Newark, the College became part of Rutgers in 1927. In 1971 the College moved from Newark to Busch Campus in New Brunswick. Available?
Inventory to the Records of the New Jersey College of Pharmacy, 1892-1942
Administrative history, chronology of events up to 1927, and collection scope and contents notes.
Graduates and Faculties, 1892-1992: The New Jersey College of Pharmacy, Newark, New Jersey and College of Pharmacy, Rutgers University, Newark, New Jersey and Piscataway, New Jersey.
New Brunswick, N.J., Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, 1992. Available?
Stating the Case for Rutgers University and its College of Pharmacy.
Harold J. Johnston. New Brunswick, N.J., Rutgers University, 1937. Available?
New Jersey College of Pharmacy, Newark [Image]
New Jersey College of Pharmacy, Newark, 1925. [Image]

Seth Boyden School of Business/Rutgers Business School

RBS at Seventy-Five: 75-Year Retrospective: 1929-2004
The Rutgers Business School--Newark and New Brunswick.
Rutgers Business School: History

New Jersey Law School/Mercer Beasley School of Law/Univ. of Newark Law School/Rutgers School of Law/Rutgers Law School

"The Institutio legalis and Legal Education in New Jersey: 1783-1817,"
Don C. Skemer. New Jersey History 96(3/4), Autumn/Winter 1978, 123-134.
On November 27, 1783 six law clerks met in Newark to form a moot court society. The Institutio legalis was New Jersey's first experiment in organized legal education. Available?
History of the Rutgers School of Law-Newark
Created in conjunction with the Rutgers Law-Newark Centennial Celebration in 2008, this site includes a brief history, a list of the buildings in which the school has been housed since 1908, photographs and other excerpts from yearbooks (1927-1967), some videoed oral histories, and a history of the Rutgers-Newark Law Library.
A Centennial History of Rutgers Law School in Newark: Opening a Thousand Doors.
Paul Tractenberg. Charleston, S.C., History Press, 2010. Available?
Career Patterns of Black Graduates of Rutgers University of Law Newark, New Jersey
Oliver B. Quinn, National Black Law Journal 7(1), 1981.
Profiles 133 black Rutgers Law School alumni who graduated between the years 1971-1979.
Seizing the Moments: The Beginnings of the Women's Rights Law Reporter and a Personal Journey
Elizabeth Langer. Women's Rights Law Reporter 30, Spring/Summer 2009, 592- Rutgers-restricted Access
Rutgers School of Law - Newark and the Legacy of Elizabeth Blume-Silverstein
Kelly Timoney. Women's Rights Law Reporter. Spring/Summer 2009, 635- Rutgers-restricted Access
The Origins of the Women's Rights Law Reporter in the Civil Rights and Women's Liberation Movements
Diane Crothers. Women's Rights Law Reporter 31, Winter/Spring 2010, 190- Rutgers-restricted Resource
Rutgers School of Law--Newark and the History of Women and the Law
Fred Strebeigh. Women's Rights Law Reporter 31, Winter/Spring 2010, 220- Rutgers-restricted Access
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Rutgers Years: 1963-1972
Wendy Webster Williams. Women's Rights Law Reporter 31, Winter/Spring 2010, 229- Rutgers-restricted Access

Essex County College

A Study of the Proposal to Establish and Operate A County College in Essex County
Trenton, N.J., A Report of the New Jersey State Commission of Education to the State Board of Education, February 1965.
Essex County College Cost Fact-Finding Committee. Final Report.
C. Malcolm Davis et al. Newark, Essex County Board of Freeholders. 1966.
Enrollment Profile and Grade Analysis for 1974-75 Freshman Class
Edison O. Jackson and Robert L. McMillan. 1977.
Student Characteristics Report, 1974-75
Edison O. Jackson and Robert L. McMillan. 1975.
Study of Attrition: Non-Returning Students for 1975-1976
Edison O. Jackson and Robert L. McMillan. 1976.
Comparative Case Study of Two New Jersey Public Predominantly Black Two-Year Colleges
Hugh Edward Young. Thesis (Ed.D.), Rutgers University, 1976.
Passaic County Community College and Essex County College. Available?
Report to the President and Trustees of Essex County College and the Chancellor of Higher Education, State of New Jersey
1977. "By a team of outside specialists appointed by the president and chancellor." Available?
"The Rescue of Essex County College,"
A. Zachary Yamba. College Board Review 123, Spring 1982, pp.8-11, 31-32. Available?
Essex County College: Dynamics of Governance--The Decision-Making Process of a Public Education Institution.
Edison O. Jackson. Thesis (Ed.D.), Rutgers University, 1983. Available?
A Comparison of the Opinions of Black and White County College Students Residing in Essex County of Essex County College Rutgers-restricted access
Maria E. Hubert Friscia. Thesis (Ed.D.), Rutgers University, 1986. Available?
Partnership Program, Essex County College
David A. Berry. 1989.
"The Partnership Program at Essex County College (ECC), in Newark, New Jersey, was a 3-year, intensive, college-high school faculty development project designed to coordinate curriculum and learning strategies in area feeder high schools with content and instructional methods used in introductory college courses."
An Examination of Engagement Patterns of Black Female Community College Students by Academic Division
Stephanie Falana. (Ed. D. Thesis). Stockton University, 2020.
"At Essex County College in Newark, New Jersey, enrollment data shows that Black female students dominated the undergraduate first-time, full-time students enrolled in 2018...The Essex County College’s 2018 Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE) report was analyzed by benchmark to determine the extent to which these engagement indicators differ by race, gender, and declared majors among the majority population of Black female students." Rutgers-restricted Access

Casey Jones School of Aeronautics

Casey Jones School of Aeronautics
Started in Newark in 1932, the school offered training in "the mechanical and engineering branches of aviation." In 1941 the school moved to Queens, New York and is now Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology.

Newark Technical School/Newark College of Engineering/New Jersey Institute of Technology

History of the Newark Technical School and the Newark College of Engineering
Unpublished 415 page history of what is now the New Jersey Institute of Technology written by a group of faculty and administrators in 1955.
Expediency, Vision, and Leadership: Factors in the Development and Growth of the New Jersey Institute of Technology, 1881-2002 Rutgers-restricted access
Leroy Thomas. Ph.D. Thesis, Fordham University, 2004. Available?
A Discrepancy Evaluation of the Engineering Technology Baccalaureate in New Jersey Rutgers-restricted access
Eugene Gennaro Castagna. Thesis (Ed.D.), New York University, 1977. Available?
NJIT Attic
"The mission of the NJIT Attic is to collect, document, and display -- in both digital and traditional formats -- items, objects, information, and records that tell the corporate and social living history of NJIT and its predecessors." Includes digital NJIT Yeakbooks for 1951, 1952, 1953, 1954 and 1969.

Newark Normal School/Newark State College/Kean College

From a Normal Beginning: The Origins of Kean College of New Jersey.
Donald R. Raichle. Rutherford N.J., Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, c1980.
The history of the Newark Normal School from its founding in 1855, its evolution to Newark State College and move to Union, N.J. in 1958, and its reemergence as Kean College in 1973. Available?
New Jersey State Normal School at Newark: Second Annual Catalogue, 1915-1916.
New Jersey State Normal School at Newark: Fifth Annual Catalogue, 1918-1919.
New Jersey State Normal School at Newark: Eighth Annual Catalogue, 1921-1922.

Seton Hall College of Medicine and Dentistry/New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry/College of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey/University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey/Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey: History & Timeline
Seton Hall College of Medicine and Dentistry, 1946-1965
Guide to the records in the University of Medicine and Dentistry Special Collections. The Seton Hall College of Medicine and Dentistry was purchased by the state in 1965 and became the New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry.
Report of the Seton Hall Fact-Finding Committee: Appointed by the Study and Report Conclusions on the Problem of the Seton Hall College of Medicine and Dentistry.
New Jersey, The Committee, 1964. Available?
New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry, 1954-1975, 1995
Guide to the records collection in UMDNJ Special Collections
Robert R. Cadmus, MD (1914-1995) Papers, 1966-1971
Finding aid to the collection in the Rutgers History of Medicine collection. Cadmus was President of the New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry from 1966 to 1971. "The collection contains materials on Dr. Cadmus and his direct contact with and operation of the college...The collection is strongest in the areas of speeches made by Dr. Cadmus (23 total) and newspaper clippings. The speeches reflect Dr. Cadmus' "Thrust" while at Newark. The newspaper clippings are extensive, covering topics dealing with nearly every aspect of the College's history during the five years of his presidency...Of interest are two cassettes of recorded radio and television broadcasts concerning the College during the crucial period surrounding the selection of the Newark site."
Newark College of Medicine and Dentistry
November 1967 map of Central Ward neighborhoods to be demolished for construction of the medical school. NPL Digital Collection
New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry. Site Hearings Concerning the Newark Campus
Transcripts of hearings, February - March,1968.
Agreements Reached Between Community and Government Negotiators Regarding New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry and Related Matters (As Amended)
April 30, 1968.
"Newark: Negroes Demand and Get Voice in Medical School Plans,"
Luther J. Carter. Science ns160 (3825), April 19, 1968, pp.290-292. Rutgers-restricted Access
"Newark: Community or Chaos: A Case Study of the Medical School Controversy,"
Leonard J. Duhl and Nancy Jo Steetle. Journal of Applied Behavioral Science 5(4), 1969, pp. 537-572.
"This paper is an attempt to record the events and decisions surrounding the creation of the Medical College in Newark out of the seeds of the New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry." Available?
"'No Med School!' Black Resistance to The New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry (NJCMD) Urban Renewal Proposal, Between 1960 and 1970"
Edad Mercier. Journal of Ethnic an Cultural Studies 7(3), August 14, 2020, pp.48-62.
"This article is a historiographical study of urban renewal in Newark, New Jersey. The paper offers a cross-sectional view of policymaking and appropriation at the federal and local levels, which is critical when analyzing the delimitations of ethnic coalition building. The article centers on a typological study of Black resistance to the New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry (NJCMD) construction project that was slated to commence around 1965-1966."
Broken Promises to the People of Newark: A Historical Review of the Newark Uprising, the Newark Agreements, and Rutgers New Jersey Medical School’s Commitments to Newark
Rosy C. Franklin et al. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 18(4), February 2, 2021, pp. 1-15.
"The objective of this essay is to briefly describe the relationship between organized medicine, state and local leaders, and the people of Newark."
Uprooted: How Newark Acquired a Medical School and Destroyed a Neighborhood
2021. Includes an interactive map tracking the displacement of the residents of University Heights over two phases of emigration, 1955-1964, and 1964-1972. Includes names of displaced residents. From the Newest Americans project.
"Comment on the Preceding Article: A View From the Other Side of the Aisle,"
Robert R. Cadmus. Journal of Applied Behavioral Science 5(4), 1969, pp.573-584. Available?
"Rebuttal of the Cadmus Comment: Epilogue,"
Leonard J. Duhl. Journal of Applied Behavioral Science 5(4), 1969, pp.584-588. Available?
"The Community and Medical Education: Organization and Function of a Board of Concerned Citizens,"
Carroll M. Leevy, Earl Phillips, and Stanley S. Bergen. Annals of Internal Medicine 82(6), June 1975, pp. 832-837. Rutgers-restricted Access
"Continued Controversy: The Rutgers Medical School and the Library of Science and Medicine,"
Roberta Tipton. The Journal of the Rutgers University Libraries 45(1), June 1983, pp.1-24.
"New Jersey Medical School's Unique Relationship to Its Community,"
Matthew G. Marin. Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved 13(1), February 2002, pp.81-94. Rutgers-restricted Access

Let's Mix It Up

There have been various recommendations to reorganize higher education in Newark.

New Jersey Medical and Health Sciences Education Restructuring Act
Bill passed by both Houses of the New Jersey Legislature on June 28, 2012.
University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey Advisory Committee Final Report [The "Barer Report"] January 25, 2012.
"Recommendations for restructuring health sciences education, research and associated clinical activities statewide."
The Report of the New Jersey Commission on Health Science, Education, and Training [The "Vagelos Report"]
Trenton, The Commission, 2002.
University Committee-North: Report for the Review, Planning and Implementation Commission on the Proposed Restructuring of New Jersey Research Universities
New Brunswick, N.J., Rutgers University, 2003. The response of the Newark institutions to the Vagelos Report.

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