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The Newark Experience

Charter Schools

Anticolonial Realism: The Defensive Governing Strategy of a Black City in White Space
Claire Cahen. Journal of Race, Ethnicity and the City 4(2), July 2023, pp. 153-175.
"School systems in Black-majority urban cores have been restructured as neighborhood schools have been closed and corporate charter schools have expanded. Drawing on the case of Newark, New Jersey, I interrogate the governability of this agenda. I ask: how does a municipal government elected to reinvest in public schools end up supporting the growth of privately managed charter schools? The answer requires understanding how a Blackled government of a multiracial city negotiates its position in a majority-white, suburban state." Rutgers-restricted Access
School Choice as Community Disempowerment: Racial Rhetoric about Voucher Policy in Urban America
Richard Johnson. Urban Affairs Review 58(2), March 2022, pp. 563-596.
"Using data drawn from interviews with political operatives and archival research in Newark, New Jersey, this article demonstrates that school choice can paradoxically be rendered as a policy of community disempowerment." Rutgers-restricted Access
The Effect of Attending a Charter School in Newark, New Jersey, On Student Test Scores
Marcus A. Winters and Colin Shanks. Eduational Evaluation and Policy Analysis 44(2), 2022, pp. 342-350. Rutgers-restricted Access
Performance-Based Accountability: Newark's Charter School Experience.
Kathe Callahan, Alan Sadovnik, and Louisa Visconti. Newark, N.J., Rutgers University. Joseph C. Cornwall Center for Metropolitan Studies, June 2002. Revised December 2002.
Charter Schools and Urban Education Improvement: Newark and New Jersey's Charter Schools
Louisa Visconti et al. National Conference on Charter Schools: Trends and Policy Issues. Sacramento, CA, March 27-28, 2004.
A Statistical Analysis of the Newark Public Schools
Jason M. Barr. November 2004.
Using 2002-2003 New Jersey Report Card data, analyses the performance and characteristics of fourth and eighth grade students in Newark public schools. Looks at determinants of student performance and differences in student composition and performance between charter and other public schools.
"Home is Where the Heart Is: Can Cory Booker Save Newark's Schools?,"
David Skinner. Education Next 2006(4), Fall 2006, 23-29
Using Classroom Management to Improve Preschoolers' Social and Emotional Skills: Final Impact and Implementation Findings from the Foundations of Learning Demonstration in Newark and Chicago.
Pamela Morris et al. New York, MRDC, January 2013.
Newark Public Schools: Budget Impacts of Underfunding and Rapid Charter Growth
Danielle Farrie and Monete Johnson. Newark, Rutgers University Education Law Center, 2017.
In this report the authors analyze the impact of the NPS budget crisis on per pupil spending in district schools. They find that the combined stress of chronic underfunding and rapid charter expansion has significantly lowered spending and reduced staff and programs in district schools.
Showing Up Matters: Newark Chronic Absenteeism in the Early Years
Advocates for Children of New Jersey. January 2016.
4,328 Newark students in grades kindergarten through 3rd grade were chronically absent during the 2013–14 school year.
Post-Secondary Outcomes of Newark High School Graduates (2011-2016): College Enrollment, Persistence, & Completion
Jeffrey R. Backstrand and Kristi Donaldson. Newark City of Learning Collaborative and Rutgers University Newark School of Public Affairs and Administration, 2018.
A longitudinal study of the college-going patterns of almost 13,500 Newark high school students from the district, charter, vocational technical, and parochial sectors.
A New Baseline: Progress in Newark's Districk and Charter Schools from 2006 to 2018
Jesse Margolis and Eli Groves. MarCardy Research, June 2019.
"This study finds that Newark’s citywide test score performance, test score growth, and graduation rate have all increased during the period under study, with gains coming from both the city’s charter sector and traditional public schools."
The Effect of Attending a Charter School in Newark, New Jersey on Student Mobility
Colin Shanks and Marcus A. Winters. IN Essays on Charter Student Mobility and Machine Learning Applications in Empirical Microeconomics. (Ph.D. Thesis). Boston University, 2021. Chapter 3, pp. 71-97; 117-133.
"Consistent with the prior literature, we find that charter school enrollment leads to significantly less mobility in terms of school changes within Newark Public School district and reentry into a later year’s lottery. However...we find that the lesser mobility within the charter sector appears to have a nuanced relationship with students’ preferences." Rutgers-restricted Access

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