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The Newark Experience: Latinos

Hispanic Research and Information Center

New Jersey Hispanic Research and Information Center.
Research Center at the Newark Public Library. Includes the Latino Oral History Collections as well as the Puerto Rican Community Archives, a collection of primary resources on the history and culture of New Jersey's Puerto Rican community.


"Between a Roth and a Baraka: Researching and Writing the Latino History of Newark, New Jersey"
John Gutierrez. Three Historians: John Gutierrez, Mark Krasovic, and Julia Rabig. Newark History Society program, June 22, 2009.
Presencia Nueva: Knowledge for Service and Hope: A Study of Hispanics in the Archdiocese of Newark.
Newark, N.J., Archdiocese of Newark Office of Research and Planning, 1988. Available?
"The Effects of Centralized Government Authority on Black and Latino Political Empowerment"
Domingo Morel. Political Research Quarterly 69(2), June 2016, pp. 347-360.
"To assess the effects of centralized government on political empowerment among racial minorities, this article examines how state takeovers of local school districts have affected black and Latino descriptive representation on local school boards. Using an original dataset of state takeovers of local school districts from 1989 to 2013, as well as case study analysis of Newark, New Jersey, this article shows that centralization affects communities differently according to the level of political empowerment they have at the time of centralization." Rutgers-restricted Access
Recent Brazilian Immigrants to the United States: Human Service Needs and Help-seeking Behavior Rutgers-restricted access
David B. Sacks. Thesis (Psy.D.), Rutgers University, 1993. Available?
Um ministerio de consolo: projeto de capacitacao para atender a comunidade luso-brasileira em Newark, N.J./A Ministry of Comfort: An Equipping Project to Care for the Luso-Brazilian Community in Newark, NJ Rutgers-restricted access
Valdir Alves dos Reis. Thesis (D.Min.), Drew University, 2008. Available?
Stirring the Melting Pot: Food and the Performance of Inclusion in Newark's Ironbound Neighborhood Rutgers-restricted access
Lori Danielle Barcliff Baptista. Thesis (Ph.D.), Northwestern University, 2009. Available?
Salsa and Everyday Life: Music and Community Rutgers-restricted access
Robert Eric Siebert. Thesis (Ph.D.), State University of New York, 2010. Available?
Street Therapists: Race, Affect, and Neoliberal Personhood in Latino Newark.
Ana Y. Ramos-Zayas. Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 2012. Available?
"Urban Erotics and Racial Affect in a Neoliberal 'Racial Democracy': Brazilian and Puerto Rican Youth in Newark, New Jersey,"
Ana Y. Ramos-Zayas. Identities 16(5), September 2009, pp.513-547. Rutgers-restricted Access
"Becoming American, Becoming Black? Urban Competency, Racialized Spaces, and the Politics of Citizenship among Brazilian and Puerto Rican Youth in Newark,"
Ana Y. Ramos-Zayas. Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power 14, 2007, 85-109.
"This essay examines the performance of 'race,' particularly the appropriation of 'Blackness,' among U.S.-born Latinos and Latin American migrants in two neighborhoods in Newark, New Jersey." Rutgers-restricted Access
The Global Financial Crisis and the Retrenchment of Multiculturalism and Economic Opportunities for Brazilian Immigrants in Newark, New Jersey
Simone Buechler. Latino Studies 12, 2014, pp. 596-619
"This article examines the relatively recent celebration of multiculturalism as a promising part of the neoliberal agenda in Newark and how during a time of economic crisis immigrants have become the scapegoats for a neoliberal model gone awry." Rutgers-restricted Access

Puerto Ricans

Puerto Ricans on the United States Mainland: A Bibliography of Reports, Texts, Critical Studies and Related Materials.
Francesco Cordasco. Totowa, New Jersey, Rowman and Littlefield, 1972.
Annotated bibliography. Available?
The Puerto Ricans: Migration and General Bibliography.
New York, Arno Press, 1975.
Reprint of nine bibliographies. Available?
The Puerto Rican in New Jersey; His Present Status, July, 1955.
New Jersey. Division on Civil Rights. Newark, 1955. Available?
The Puerto Ricans in Newark, N.J..
Hilda A. Hidalgo. Newark, Aspira, 1971. Available?
"Newark Seven Years Later: ¡Unidad Y Lucha!"
Imamu Amiri Baraka. Monthly Review 26(8), Jan. 1975, pp. 16-24.
Causes of the Puerto Rican Labor Day riot, September 2, 1974. Available?

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