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Images from Print 1A final course and exhibition installation

Exhibtion Description

Print 1A

Fall 2016

Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University

Instructor: Maximiliano Ferro

Columbus College of Art and Design

Instructor: Kathy McGhee

Organized by Professor Maximiliano Ferro

with great help from Megan Lotts, Rutgers Art Librarian.

Please refer to the song lyrics below for

an explanation of the project.

This song was written and performed by

Professor Ferro in the Fall of 2016 to

establish and notify the participating students

of the project guidelines.



“I Can See: Into the Future” (song lyrics)



Forgot to turn the mic on last time

Here we go



Where you at?


Two Thousand Sixteen

Interstate Collaborative Project


Feel it out


Feel it out

Here we go


Interstate Collaborative Screen Print Project


Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University


CCAD Columbus College of Art and Design

Fall 2016

You’re paired up with a student across state lines


You have a partner

You make a screen print

One layer

Edition of 2

An edition of 2

Your partner makes a screen print

One layer

An edition of 2

I collect them from each class

Now what?

Ok let me tell you


I give you theirs

I give them yours

And then?

Hold on

You add a layer

To their screen prints

One layer

They add a layer to your screen prints

Now we’ve got screen prints that are two layers



Feeling good

You can move around a little bit

Are you sitting?

Are you standing?

Don’t forget to hydrate

Alright, then what happens?

We’ve got all these screen prints, they look Amazing

I know

I can see into the future

What do we do?

I travel back across state lines

I give you one of the prints you started with the layer they added

and one of the prints they started with the la- with the la- with the layer you added


And now what do you have?

I don’t know, but it feels good

Two screen prints

One you started, one they started

We came together

It’s Amazing



Listen to the lasers

Listen to the robots

Where are we right now?

It’s like, we’re everywhere

The sounds of the world




Ooh, it’s coming back

It’s coming back

It’s coming back



Thank you


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