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"The co-cureate shows" open today at Rutgers Art Library, Mason Gross Galleries, and Douglass Student Center

September 29, 2016

“The centipede party,” by BFA student Audrey Meehan

“The centipede party,” 40 inches by 42 inches, oil painting by BFA student Audrey Meehan. This will be on view at the Mason Gross Galleries.

“Copycat #1,” by BFA student ToniAnn Eisman

“Copycat #1,” 11 inches by 14 inches, acrylic on wood. Artist: BFA student ToniAnn Eisman. This will be on view at the Douglass Student Center.

The Libraries are delighted to team up with Mason Gross School of the Arts on a unique, cross-campus art exhibit. Undergraduate and graduate visual arts students are teaming up to conceptualize and install a collection of eight student exhibits at three locations across the New Brunswick campus: the Mason Gross Galleries, Rutgers Art Library, and Douglass Student Center. The co-cureate shows (the title is a mash-up of what the initiative has prompted teams to engage in: conceive, curate and create exhibits) are set to run from Thursday, September 29 through Monday, October 17, 2016. The shows will feature student performances, paintings, photographs, sculptures, media, and prints. Admission is free.

Things kick off today at 5 p.m. with a free opening reception at Mason Gross Galleries, 33 Livingston Ave., with performances by students Sarina Aquino and Sam Ashford. We hope you will make time to visit these exhibits over the next month:

Rutgers Art Library show In Search of Punchline is curated by Johanna Boyce, Audrey Meehan, and Ed Weisgerber and features the work of Johanna Boyce, Erin Keane, Audrey Meehan, Carlyn Perlow, Delfina Picchio, and Ed Weisgerber.

Mason Gross Galleries shows Always Already? is curated by Jack Hogan and Ali Osborn and features the work of Julia Hickey, Jack Hogan, Renana Neuman, Beatrice Orlandi, Ali Osborn, Jett Strauss, Amiko Li, and Bryan Volta; Not for the Dead is curated by Julia Hickey and Shark Senesac and features the work of Sam Ashford, Ethan Green, Carlyn Perlow, Ashley Seong, Cameron Spratley, Bryan Volta, and Jamie Williams; Strug•gle is curated by Sarina Aquino, Kelly Hain, and Mirthalys Rivera and features the work of Sarina Aquino, Veronica Hahr, Kelly Hain, Mirthalys Rivera, and Sabrina Rosario; Timbre is curated by Joshua Araujo and Ben Weathers and features the work of Joshua Araujo, Yu Rim Chung, Ethan Green, Ali Osborn, Catalina Tuca, and Ben Weathers; A Declaration of Interdependence is curated by Ashley Rivera and James Thomson and features the work of Ash Rivera and James Thomson; Still in a Current is curated by Gregg Bautista and Kayla Donlin and features the work of Kayla Donlin, Audrey Meehan, and Ash Rivera.

Douglass Student Center show Cornered is curated by ToniAnn Eisman and Dori Miller and features the work of ToniAnn Eisman, Sam Hewitt, Emily Karwowski, Dori Miller, and Veronica Hahr.

Learn more about the co-cureate shows here.

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at the Art Library

In Search of Punchline

Curated by Johanna Boyce, Audrey Meehan and Ed Weisgerber

This show isn’t interested in telling you why or what it is funny, rather it sets you up to find your own humor in the images. In a school as diverse as Rutgers, the amount of takes and interpretations can be as numbered as the amount of students that are enrolled. It is the show’s hope that this artwork will open up discourse and reflection between students, advancing a dialogue that may never have happened on subjects that may not have been reached without a comedic launch point.

Featured artists: Johanna Boyce, Erin Keane, Audrey Meehan, Carlyn Perlow, Delfina Picchio, Ed Weisgerber


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