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Art Library Exhibitions Spaces and Special Events: Melissa Gasparaotto

About Melissa Gasparatto

Melissa Gasparotto is a mixed media artist, ceramicist and librarian. She has recently begun exploring microscopy, developing a series of photographic works representing landscapes small enough to fit on the head of a pin. Her sculptures, paintings and installations have shown in galleries in Chicago, New York, San Jose and Budapest, among other places. She studied studio art (sculpture and textiles) at Beloit College from 1998-2000, holds degrees from NYU and Long Island University, and is currently an Associate Artist at Brickhouse Ceramic Studio, Long Island City, Queens. When she isn't at the studio she can be found at the Rutgers University Libraries, or collecting interesting plant samples from around campus.



MINUTIAE by Melissa Gasparotto  was on display at Rutgers University Art Library from August 30 through September 26  2014.  The artist also spoke about her work on September 15, 2014.