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Art Library Exhibitions Spaces and Special Events: Bruce Garrity

Press Release

Please stop by the Rutgers Art Library during the month of December to see the work of Bruce Garrity.  Garrity is Adjunct Faculty at Rutgers- Camden where he teaches courses in Dimensional Design, Visual Fundamentals, Three Dimensional Design, Painting, Watercolor, and Figure Drawing. In 2010 Garrity won the Sybil S. Cohen Award from Excellence in Teaching, Rutgers.  To learn more about his work please visit his webpage at

“The paintings are poetic explorations of pictorial inventions and equivalents for visual experience. They act as sites for events that stem from perception, memory and the experience of history/art history. Garrity utilizes a broad vocabulary of painterly means in the pursuit of visual pictorial drama, often in dialog with earlier artists (recently Cezanne, Matisse, Bonnard). The spaces depicted are the more intimate surroundings of interiors and objects, whether of the studio or even when outdoors, the being in as opposed to the looking upon these circumstances. These juxtapositions suggest the human presence even when the figure is unseen and focus on engaging the viewer as an implicit participant.” (Quote, from the artist’s website)

If you have questions about the Art Library Exhibition spaces please contact Art Librarian, Megan Lotts at or (848)932-7189.  Please visit our research guide that includes information about our Past, Present, and Future exhibitions at:

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