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Art Library Exhibitions Spaces and Special Events: The Politics of Art & Poetry

The Politics of Art & Poetry course description

Can art or poetry actually change the world? If so, how might they do so? Perhaps poetry/art can only change the way we look at our world, or the words we use to describe it? Does the fact that an artwork or poem carries a political 'message' make it less 'artistic' or 'poetic'? 


Having laid a foundation for thinking about Art and Poetry, the Seminar will study a number of ground-breaking artists and writers. In each case, we'll examine the historical and political context in which their works were created, how they were received or suppressed, and their legacy. 


Students will be challenged to write their own poems in response to contemporary issues such as climate change, discrimination, and inequality. The class will culminate in students planning, proposing, and executing their own political works of art.


Taught by Dean Julio Nazario & Paul Blaney, SAS Honors Assistant Professor & Writer in residence

On Exhibit at the Art Library

The Politics of Art & Poetry will be on display from December 14, 2016- January 31st, 2017. 

Images from the exhibit