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America in the 1960s and 1970s: Who Was....?

Looking for a Biography?

Looking for a full-length biography of someone? Do a "Browse" search in The Catalog using the person's name (last name, first name) as your search term.

A scholarly biography will often give you information on primary sources (collections of papers, official documents, etc.) that may be available on that individual. So check the bibliography and notes!

If you're looking for works for which that person is responsible for most of the content (an autobiography; photographs; news reports; etc.) do a "Browse" search as above, but now select "AUTHOR" from the pull-down menu.

Who Was....?

Scribner Encyclopedia of American Lives, Thematic Series: The 1960s
William L. O'Neill and Kenneth T. Jackson, eds. New York, Charles Scribner's Sons, 2003. 2 vols.
The Encyclopedia of Sixties Cool: A Celebration of the Grooviest People, Events, and Artifacts of the 1960s
Chris Strodder. Santa Monica, Calif, Santa Monica Press, 2007.
Who was who in 1960s popular culture. Available?
Interviews With Icons: Flashing on the Sixties.
Lisa Law. Sante Fe, N.M., Lumen Bks, 2000. Available?