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Newark By the Numbers: Schools

This guide focuses on resources containing data on the city of Newark, New Jersey. For an extensive bibliography (books, articles, reports, web sites) on Newark see The Newark Experience .

Newark Public Schools District

Newark Schools

Newark Public Schools 2005 Long Range Facilities Plan: Summary Report.
January 2005

  • Existing Facilities
    • Table B.2: District Statistical Summary
    • Table B.3: SLT 1: Statistical Summary
    • Table B.4: SLT II: Statistical Summary
    • Table B.5: SLT III: Statistical Summary
    • Table B.6: SLT IV: Statistical Summary
    • Table B.7: SLT V: Statistical Summary
  • Enrollment Trends
Myths and Realities: The Impact of the State Takeover on Students and Schools in Newark.
William M. Eglinton Boston Mass., Community Training and Assistance Center, c.2000.
Data and perceptions on school and district operations, community engagement, and student performance five years after the State takeover of Newark city schools.
School District Demographics
2010 Census, Census 2000 and Census 1990 demographic data about children and their living environment, by school district, as well as demographic data from the American Community Surveys. Includes database which allows you to either generate tables for a single school district, or compare your district to another school district.
Census of Governments: 2009 Public Education Finances
Revenues, expenditures, debt, and assets of elementary and secondary public school systems. Site includes downloadable tables
  • Table 15: Finances of Individual Public Elementary-Secondary School Systems with Enrollment of 10,000 or More: 2008-9
Beating the Odds: Analysis of Student Performance on State Assessments and NAEP: City by City Analysis: Newark City Schools pp.380-388
District demographic data plus data on trends in reading and math achievement on the state assessments reported by grade, ethnicity, economic status, language proficiency, and disability. Annual report from the Council of the Great City Schools.
Newark Public Schools: Budget
2009-10 Newark Schools Report Card
Narrative profile plus data (class size, internet connectivity, grade enrollment, language diversity, student performance indicators, faculty, district financial data, etc.] for each school in the Newark City district.
2010 Newark Schools "No Child Left Behind" Report
Status regarding adequate yearly progress; information on highly qualified teachers; attendance and dropout data; and assessment data for each school in the Newark City district.