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Institute of Jazz Studies

Archives, Clippings, and Photographs

The IJS has over 300 archival collections as well as numerous special collections, including an exceptional range of historic artifacts from jazz luminaries such as Miles Davis, Billie Holiday, Ben Webster, Ella Fitzgerald, Lester Young, and Louis Armstrong.   Some of the Institutes' flagship archival collections include the papers of Mary Lou Williams, James P. Johnson, Abbey Lincoln, Benny Carter, Annie Ross, and Howard McGhee.  The IJS also has extensive clippings files, a large collection of record label catalogs dating back to the earliest days of sound recording history, and thousands of photographs of jazz musicians.  In addition to the below list, some of these collections are detailed and/or searchable on the Institute's website.

The clippings, photograph, and record catalog collections are organized in alphabetical order by last name, record label name, or subject.  Although the collections focus on performers from every era of jazz, you will also find producers, impresarios, critics, and other important figures in jazz history included in the files.  The clippings collection is available in the open stacks for self-service, but if you would like to use the photograph or record catalog collection, please ask the IJS reference desk staff for assistance. 

Archival collections are shelved in the closed stacks and are available on request.  To find out what a collection includes, you will need to look at its finding aid.

Archival Collections at IJS

ID #             Collection Name
IJS.0287 Harold Abrams collection of jazz ephemera and clippings
IJS.0198 Sylvester Ahola papers, audio recordings, and artifact
IJS.0117 Manny Albam music, papers, and audiovisual recordings
IJS.0349 Chris Albertson papers
IJS.0173 Willard Alexander audiovisual recordings
IJS.0001 Walter C. Allen discographical research collection
IJS.0154 American Jazz Orchestra music library
IJS.0321 Bob Reisner artwork for 'Beat Jokes, Bop Humor, and Cool Cartoons'
IJS.0312 Eleanor Amenta Ashbrand autograph collection
IJS.0293 Edwin "Squirrel" Ashcroft papers
IJS.0272 Kenneth Ashen papers
IJS.0209 Jerry Bakst collection of Voice of America audio recordings
IJS.0315 Whitney Balliett New Yorker columns
IJS.0320 Steve Banks Studio 6 Arts photographs,
IJS.0207 Charlie Barnet Orchestra music library
IJS.0005 Bill Barron collection
IJS.0002 Count Basie family papers and artifacts
IJS.0302 Alan Becker collection of photographic contact sheets
IJS.0294 Judy Bell collection of scores by Johnny Warrington and Larry Clinton
IJS.0006 Tommy Benford drum set and papers
IJS.0146 Ed Berger papers and sound recordings
IJS.0331 George Berke Essay and Duke Ellington Program
IJS.0120 Eddie Bert music, papers, and audio recordings
IJS.0151 Ralph Berton papers
IJS.0249 George Blacker Gennett Records discography
IJS.0295 Ran Blake scores
IJS.0330 Evelyn Blakey artifacts
IJS.0118 Rudi Blesh papers, audio recordings, and artifacts
IJS.0269 Aaron Blumenfeld scores and audio recordings
IJS.0230 Bob Thiele test pressings
IJS.0174 Michael Bourne collection of audio recordings and ephemera
IJS.0075 Patrick Bowen collection of arrangements
IJS.0298 Chris Bowman Collection of Elizabeth Woolsey photographs and ephemera
IJS.0262 Patti Bown personal calendars and audiocassettes
IJS.0129 John Benson Brooks music, papers, and audio recordings
IJS.0239 Michael Brooks collection of audiocassette interview recordings for Time Life Records
IJS.0007 Marshall Brown music and papers
IJS.0227 Patricia Brown Collection
IJS.0281 Budd Johnson manuscript scores
IJS.0220 Jimmy Butts papers and audio recordings
IJS.0318 Don Byas music manuscript
IJS.0034 Jan Byrczek Photographs of European Jazz Musicians
IJS.0069 Bill Byrne collection of Woody Herman Orchestra itineraries and discography research
IJS.0155 John Carisi manuscript and printed music and audio recordings
IJS.0332 David Carp interview transcript with Leslie Johnakins
IJS.0116 Benny Carter papers and audio recordings
IJS.0115 Dick Cary music, papers, and audiovisual recordings
IJS.0197 David Cayer papers and recordings
IJS.0222 Martha Charles VHS cassettes
IJS.0187 Charlie Parker Festival collection
IJS.0264 John Clayton, Jr. and Brad Dechter arrangements
IJS.0225 Bill Cleland collection of audio recordings and ephemera
IJS.0031 Collective Black Artists records
IJS.0078 Concord Music Group business records and music
IJS.0122 D. Russell Connor collection of Benny Goodman audio recordings
IJS.0273 Ken Crawford collection of audio recordings
IJS.0351 Connie Crothers audio recordings
IJS.0354 Bob Cunningham papers
IJS.0123 Michael Cuscuna papers and audio recordings
IJS.0299 Claes Dahlgren jazz ephemera
IJS.0338 Danmarks Radio broadcast sound recordings of Duke Ellington
IJS.0199 William Edward "Wild Bill" Davison papers, photographs, and ephemera
IJS.0226 John Dawson audio recordings
IJS.0180 Aaron Diamond collection of big band transcribed scores
IJS.0008 Wilma Dobie papers, photographs, and audio recordings
IJS.0149 Dodds audio recordings
IJS.0201 Roger Pryor Dodge papers and audio recordings
IJS.0325 Don Donaldson Jr. autobiographical notes
IJS.0109 Sonny Dunham papers and audio recordings
IJS.0271 Dutch Jazz Clippings
IJS.0009 Ismay and George Duvivier papers, artifacts, and audiovisual materials
IJS.0049 Lewis Eaton papers
IJS.0071 Nancy Miller Elliott photographs and papers and collection of Buck Clayton papers and artifacts
IJS.0010 Don Ellis papers and music
IJS.0185 Enstice, Rubin, and Stockhouse jazz interviews and radio show audio recordings
IJS.0304 Bill Epps papers and photographs from the JVC Jazz Festival
IJS.0172 Yvonne Ervin collection of open reel recordings
IJS.0137 Esposito audio recordings
IJS.0178 Syd Ezrin Papers & Ephemera
IJS.0184 Hymie Farberman band book
IJS.0050 Leonard Feather papers
IJS.0219 Michael Feinstein collection of Pablo Records graphic designs
IJS.0240 Clark Fisher collection of Record Research
IJS.0105 John T. Fitch audio recordings
IJS.0104 Ella Fitzgerald music, papers, audio recordings, and artifacts
IJS.0210 Florentine Films records
IJS.0186 Milt Gabler music, papers, and audio recordings
IJS.0288 Ken Gallacher papers
IJS.0044 Gennett Records Division of Starr Piano Company records and audio discs
IJS.0303 Dick Gileson collection of jazz party photographs
IJS.0308 Ira Gitler collection of audio interview recordings for Swing to Bop
IJS.0213 Monique Goldstein public relations papers
IJS.0229 Jeff Gold collection on Norman Granz
IJS.0339 George T. Pima interviews on Benny Goodman
IJS.0316 Honi Gordon collection of Mary Lou Williams correspondence
IJS.0221 Lorraine Gordon collection on Jabbo Smith
IJS.0341 Russ Goudy interview audiocassettes
IJS.0066 Brad Gowans papers and artifacts
IJS.0011 Jimmy Granato collection of photographs and scrapbooks
IJS.0232 Great Pacific Jazz Band music library
IJS.0340 Jay Green collection of Coleman Hawkins radio documentary audiocassettes
IJS.0345 Vincent Guercio collection of Mary Lou Williams memorabilia and correspondence
IJS.0335 Len Guttridge correspondence
IJS.0166 George Handy music, papers, and award
IJS.0284 Francis Hannaford correspondence
IJS.0211 Maxine S. Harvard collection of Jimmy McGriff and Jimmy Scott audio recordings and papers
IJS.0355 Hampton Hawes papers and artifacts
IJS.0112 Anne Seidlitz collection on Hampton Hawes
IJS.0068 Tiger Haynes and Joy Hatton collection
IJS.0237 Joel Herron collection of printed and manuscript music
IJS.0081 James "Tad" Hershorn collection on Norman Granz
IJS.0224 Robert Hilbert collection of discographical research on Pee Wee Russell
IJS.0080 Andrew Hill papers, music and audiovisual recordings
IJS.0296 Jutta Hipp artwork
IJS.0344 Historic Brass Conference DATs
IJS.0058 Art Hodes papers
IJS.0012 George Hoefer research files
IJS.0314 Andrew Homzy jazz orchestration resource list
IJS.0236 Elliott Horne audio recordings
IJS.0134 Howie Mann music, papers, and audio recordings
IJS.0352 John Hozack collection of audio recordings
IJS.0268 Michael "Peanuts" Hucko collection
IJS.0086 Bill Hughes collection of Count Basie Orchestra library scores and correspondence
IJS.0263 Clarence Hutchenrider collection
IJS.0289 Bob Inman scrapbook
IJS.0138 Institute of Jazz Studies artist and clippings files
IJS.0047 Institute of Jazz Studies collection of artwork, graphics, and posters
IJS.0036 Institute of Jazz Studies collection of audio recording catalogs
IJS.0113 Institute of Jazz Studies collection of audio recordings
IJS.0032 Institute of Jazz Studies collection of ephemera, memorabilia, and scrapbooks
IJS.0082 Institute of Jazz Studies collection of jazz oral history sound recordings
IJS.0033 Institute of Jazz Studies collection of manuscript and printed music
IJS.0150 Institute of Jazz Studies collection of moving image recordings
IJS.0003 Institute of Jazz Studies institutional records
IJS.0048 Institute of Jazz Studies photograph collection
IJS.0061 International Art of Jazz business records
IJS.0189 International Association of Jazz Record Collectors business records
IJS.0285 Cliff Jackson papers
IJS.0161 Quentin "Butter" Jackson papers and artifacts
IJS.0204 Phoebe Jacobs papers
IJS.0013 George and Barbara Erff collection on Harry James
IJS.0119 Jazz Oral History Project interview transcripts and sound recordings
IJS.0274 Lars Johansen papers
IJS.0014 Howard Johnson collection of audiocassettes
IJS.0111 James P. Johnson music and papers
IJS.0245 LaMont Johnson collection
IJS.0073 Frank Jolliffe music, papers, and audiovisual recordings
IJS.0306 Harvey Kahn collection
IJS.0055 Roger Wolfe Kahn music and papers
IJS.0140 Gene Kalbacher papers and audio recordings and Hot House files
IJS.0283 Jimmy Katz Photographs
IJS.0175 Carl Kendziora audio recordings
IJS.0265 Mollie Kikuchi papers and jazz ephemera
IJS.0015 Teddi King papers
IJS.0322 Bill Kirchner collection of oral history audio recordings
IJS.0016 Wallace Theodore "Ed" Kirkeby papers
IJS.0126 Burt Korall collection of music research files and audio recordings
IJS.0337 KSVJ Radio Bilingue audio recordings, mostly Accento Backstage for Felix Contreras
IJS.0079 Linda Kuehl book manuscript
IJS.0135 Leonard Kunstadt papers and audio recordings
IJS.0206 Kurlantzick audiocassette recordings
IJS.0017 Bonnie Lake audio recordings
IJS.0291 Lenny Lasher Papers
IJS.0052 Arnold Laubich research files on Art Tatum
IJS.0018 Harry Leahey collection
IJS.0277 Leeds Music Corporation blues copyright deposits
IJS.0157 Leiberman audio recordings
IJS.0267 Lou Levi jazz ephemera
IJS.0253 Henry Levy holograph manuscript
IJS.0101 Abbey Lincoln music, papers, and audiovisual recordings
IJS.0019 Local 802 American Federation of Musicians in Greater New York ledgers and directories
IJS.0205 Julie Lokin tour files
IJS.0327 Charles Lourie collection of Charles Peterson photographs
IJS.0162 Doctor Jerome Sullivan Love collection of audio recordings
IJS.0216 Jim Luce NPR Ellington and Armstrong centennials collection
IJS.0202 Don Luck videocassette recordings
IJS.0254 Michael Lyden clippings on Ray Charles
IJS.0300 Len Lyons audiocassette recordings of interviews with jazz musicians and others
IJS.0133 Teo Macero collection
IJS.0121 Don Maggin jazz research collection
IJS.0039 Jack Maher collection
IJS.0163 Maher papers
IJS.0045 Dan Mahoney discographical research collection
IJS.0072 Helen Mandel photographs and research papers
IJS.0192 Joseph "Wingy" Manone collection
IJS.0241 Dave Margolick papers
IJS.0307 Susan Marsh collection of Montreal Expo audio recordings
IJS.0310 Barry Martyn audiocassette interviews with Barney Bigard
IJS.0114 Mary Lou Williams Foundation records
IJS.0020 Howard Mcghee papers
IJS.0347 Jack McKinney collection on Boyd Raeburn
IJS.0258 Clement Meadmore collection of audiocassettes
IJS.0145 John Mehegan papers, music, and audio recordings
IJS.0160 Doug Meriwether collection on Buddy Rich
IJS.0278 Helen Merrill collection of Gil Evans music manuscripts
IJS.0309 Velma Middleton papers
IJS.0170 Bill Miner audio recordings
IJS.0167 Mississippi Rag photographs
IJS.0270 Grachan Moncur III music and papers
IJS.0212 Marilyn Moore audio recordings
IJS.0248 Trudy Morse collection on Sun Ra and Cecil Taylor
IJS.0275 Chauncey Morehouse slide transparencies
IJS.0056 Dan Morgenstern papers and audio recordings
IJS.0074 Sal Mosca business records, audiovisual recordings, and artifacts
IJS.0266 Lyle "Spud" Murphy arrangements
IJS.0021 Musicraft Records, Incorporated business records and audio recordings
IJS.0022 Phil Napoleon papers
IJS.0242 Joey Nash papers
IJS.0234 National Jazz Ensemble music library
IJS.0279 Oliver Nelson music manuscripts
IJS.0147 New Jersey Jazz Society audio recordings
IJS.0164 New York Jazz Museum collection
IJS.0110 Newark Star Ledger jazz photographs
IJS.0024 Joe Newman papers and audio recordings
IJS.0038 Newport Jazz Festival records
IJS.0301 Paul Nodler Contact Sheets
IJS.0156 Peter O'Brien S.J., papers and audio recordings
IJS.0127 Arturo "Chico" O'Farrill music and papers
IJS.0342 Hank O'Neal collection of computer disks for Ghosts of Harlem
IJS.0286 David Ostwald collection of Clarence Hutchenrider audiotape reels
IJS.0251 Oran "Hot Lips" Page scrapbook
IJS.0195 Tony Parenti papers
IJS.0333 B.F. Parker jazz ephemera
IJS.0223 Charlie Parker with Strings and related arrangements
IJS.0334 William Parker Vision Festival publications
IJS.0153 James Patrick papers and sound recordings
IJS.0247 Francis Paudras moving image recordings and scrapbooks on Bud Powell
IJS.0328 PBS Just Jazz materials
IJS.0246 Pearson-Litwak collection of Kansas City oral history transcripts and audiocassettes
IJS.0290 Klaus Pehl big band transcriptions
IJS.0231 Gerard "Dave" Pochonet scrapbooks
IJS.0025 Bob Porter collection
IJS.0280 Paul Quinichette scrapbooks
IJS.0176 Boyd Raeburn music
IJS.0238 Angel Rangelov Scores
IJS.0183 Frank Rehak papers and audio recordings
IJS.0329 Theo Rehak collection of instantaneous audio discs
IJS.0143 Teddy Reig audio recordings
IJS.0051 Harold Flasker collection of Django Reinhardt memorabilia and papers
IJS.0190 Russ Revelle Orchestra collection
IJS.0026 Rhapsody Films moving image and audio recordings from Last of the Blue Devils
IJS.0070 Chris Rich papers
IJS.0214 Larry Ridley papers on the International Association of Jazz Educators
IJS.0063 Terence Ripmaster papers and audio recordings on Bucky Pizzarelli
IJS.0350 Luckey Roberts and Lena Sanford papers
IJS.0165 Willard Robison and His Deep River Boys music library
IJS.0103 Adrian Rollini family papers and artifacts
IJS.0107 Annie Ross papers and audio recordings
IJS.0292 Raymond Ross Photograph Collection
IJS.0027 Anthony Rotante blues research files
IJS.0228 Stanley Roth collection of open audiotape reels
IJS.0282 Terry Royful collection on Newark jazz history
IJS.0128 Curley Russell collection of music manuscripts and artifacts
IJS.0276 Pee Wee Russell artifacts and artwork, undated
IJS.0182 Rutgers Jazz Bandits collection
IJS.0261 Frank Salamone oral history audio recordings and transcripts
IJS.0102 Sal Salvador Orchestra collection
IJS.0208 Edgar Sampson music, papers, saxophone, and audio recordings
IJS.0257 Dick Saunders collection of jazz dance photographs
IJS.0250 Kay Saunders collection of ABC Booking Corporation business records
IJS.0028 Phil Schaap papers and audio recordings
IJS.0144 Bill Schremp collection of big band music
IJS.0194 Mitchell Seidel photographs
IJS.0064 Jan Shapiro collection of Boswell Sisters oral history interviews and transcripts
IJS.0313 Nat Shapiro photographs
IJS.0062 Herb Shultz papers and audio recordings
IJS.0311 Don Sickler transcriptions for Mount Fuji Jazz Festival
IJS.0196 George T. Simon collection of audio recordings
IJS.0029 Charles Edward Smith papers, clippings, and audio recordings
IJS.0188 Elmer Snowden ephemera and artifacts
IJS.0179 Muggsy Spanier music library
IJS.0132 Bill Spilka collection of live performance audiovisual recordings
IJS.0159 David Spitzer photographs
IJS.0057 Victoria Spivey papers
IJS.0169 Jess Stacy collection
IJS.0030 Marshall Stearns papers, artifacts, and audio recordings
IJS.0131 John Steiner collection of stock arrangements
IJS.0353 Guy Sterling jazz ephemera and memorabilia collection
IJS.0323 Chuck Stewart photographs
IJS.0348 Jack Stine correspondence
IJS.0235 Irving and Stephanie Stone collection of New York City avant garde ephemera
IJS.0139 Dick Sudhalter papers, artifacts, and audio recordings
IJS.0305 Alan Sukoenig collection of audio recordings
IJS.0203 Jeff Sultanoff transcriptions and related correspondence
IJS.0141 Sylvia Syms manuscript and printed music and sound recordings
IJS.0217 John Szwed collection of audio interviews and research files on Sun Ra for Space is the Place
IJS.0130 Tommy Talbert music, papers, and audio recordings
IJS.0067 Jackie Tamburello papers and audio recording
IJS.0065 Tony Tamburello music scores and personal papers
IJS.0171 Jack and Norma Teagarden papers and collection of audio recordings
IJS.0256 Mark Tucker collection of Garvin Bushell interview transcripts and photographs for Jazz from the Beginning
IJS.0124 Warren Vache Sr. papers and audio recordings
IJS.0168 Jerry Valburn collection of audio recordings
IJS.0260 Jaap van de Klomp JazzLives photographs
IJS.0125 Peter Van Steeden collection of stock arrangements
IJS.0317 Harry Van Velsor collection of audio recording interviews
IJS.0177 V-Disc sound discs
IJS.0076 Verve Records collection
IJS.0343 WBGH Jazz Portraits digital audio discs
IJS.0041 WBGO broadcast audio recordings
IJS.0158 George Wein scrapbooks and audio recordings
IJS.0152 Paul Weinstein and Billy Straus audio recordings
IJS.0106 Dicky Wells collection
IJS.0100 Dick Wellstood papers and audio recordings
IJS.0297 Scott Wenzel Collection of Gene Roland Music
IJS.0259 Florence Wetzel and Perry Robinson interview audiocassettes and notes
IJS.0233 WFDR Jazz Saga audio recordings
IJS.0191 De Priest Wheeler photographs and artifacts
IJS.0326 Harold Wheeler arrangements for Buddy Rich
IJS.0215 Nancy B. Whittemore collection of printed music
IJS.0324 Joe Wilder photographs
IJS.0252 Joe Williams score collection
IJS.0060 Mary Lou Williams papers, music, artifacts, and audiovisual materials
IJS.0059 John S. Wilson papers and audio recordings
IJS.0148 Teddy Wilson music, papers and artifacts
IJS.0142 Tony Zano papers and moving image recordings

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