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Peace and Conflict Studies

What Does That Mean?

Keywords: A Vocabulary of Culture and Society
Raymond Williams. 2nd edition. New York, Oxford University Press, 2015.
"A collection of lively essays on words that are critical to understanding the modern world. In these essays, Williams, a renowned cultural critic, demonstrates how these key words take on new meanings and how these changes reflect the political bent and values of our past and current society." Rutgers-restricted Access
Oxford English Dictionary (OED).
The definitive English language dictionary on word origins and usage. Rutgers-restricted Access
Language of Peace
A tool to search provisions of Peace Agreements. Compare and collate language on key issues across 75,000+ provisions of around 1,000 peace agreements.

Basic Reference Works

Encyclopedia of Political Theory
"Examines the ideas of the major political theorists from before Plato to our own times: the main schools of political thought; the concepts and issues that have captured the imagination and attention of political theorists; and some of the main institutions and practices inspired by political thought." Rutgers-restricted Access
Encyclopedia of Power
"With comprehensive coverage of the use of power in the social sciences, the encyclopedia serves as a one-stop point of reference for the diverse and complex ways in which power has been used. It also provides a reference for debates central to the issues of power in different contexts and for related topics, showing how these disparate topics are related to power." Rutgers-restricted Access
The Sage Encyclopedia of War: Social Science Perspectives
Paul Joseph, editor. Thousand Oaks, California, Sage Publications, Inc., 2017.
Entries on war from the view of the social sciences. Rutgers-restricted Access
Encyclopedia of Violence, Peace & Conflict
"Provides information about antagonism and reconciliation in all contexts of public and personal life. Covers topics such as arms control, peace movements, child abuse, folklore, terrorism and political assassinations." Rutgers-restricted Access
Human and Civil Rights: Essential Primary Sources
"Full or excerpted documents---speeches, legislation, magazine and newspaper articles, essays, memoirs, letters, interviews, novels, songs, and works of art---as well as overview information that places each document in context." Rutgers-restricted Access
Encyclopedia of Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity
Dinah L. Shelton, editor. Detroit, Macmillan Reference USA, 2005. 3 volumes.
More than 350 signed, entries relating to crimes against humanity. Each entry includes a brief, selected bibliography. Emphasis on 19th and 20th century events, but also includes articles on earlier events. Appendix includes historical, international, and judicial primary documents. Rutgers-restricted Access
Rwandan Genocide: The Essential Reference Guide
Alexis Herr, editor. Santa Barbara, California: ABC-CLIO, 2018.
Includes a thematic overview of the Rwandan Genocide as well as more than 100 in-depth entries on topics related to the genocide. Also contains 20 curated primary source documents and six perspective essays in which scholars debate key questions regarding the genocide. Rutgers-restricted Access

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