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Eng 315 Grant Writing: Statistics

Data sites and databases

Statistics--difficult to locate reports

Pew Internet Reports

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Statistics--Opinion Polls

County Level Data

National Agencies with Statistics to Support the existence of a Problem

US Federal government sources of information

      New Jersey Agencies & Research

      Specific sources of New Jersey statistics discovered by serendipity

      1. Healthy New Jersey provides statistics on some diseases and healthy or unhealthy practices of specific New Jersey populations and sub-populations. Be sure to check the "Statistics" link on this website. Links to national studies are provided and some studies results can be broken out by state.

      Finding information from New Jersey Departments and Agencies

      1. Review the list of NJ Departments and Agencies (weblink above), ask yourself "Which agency would care about my topic?"
      2. Visit the website to see if there is some connection to your topic and the responsibilities of the department or agency
      3. Contact the appropriate department or agency and USE THE PHONE to explain your project and ask about information you need. It is very easy to ignore an email but not so much with a phone call. Several students have had success with this approach. Be respectful of the worker's time and have your questions prepared. If possible have information sent to you so you can cite it in your work.

      Use the  New Jersey State and Local Government Information (Electronic Resources) for additional coverage.

        Finding background information on a topic specific to New Jersey or Rutgers University may require searching NJ newspapers such as the Star Ledger or The Daily Targum. Locate this information by searching the Access World News index by topic. 

        1. Begin your search by selecting geographic areas, until you reach New Jersey
        2. Place check marks in front of the newspapers you wish to search
        3. Scroll back to the top of the page and enter your search terms, then click Search.

        New Jersey Public Policy Collection contains publications of non-profit organizations focusing on New Jersey public policy issues.

        New Jersey State Police Uniform Crime Reporting Unit (UCR) provides most recent data on crimes voluntarily reported by local police departments. Not all towns and city police departments participate.

        Economic Indicators

        Economic indicators are regularly updated and used to follow trends and guide decision-making.

        Use the Economic Indicators research guide to locate:

        • Financial Indicators
        • Income Indicators
        • Price Indexes and Consumption Patterns
        • Manufacturing and Production
        • Labor and Employment Indicators
        • National Economic Reviews
        • State and Regional Indicators and Reviews
        • Economic Forecasts

        Statistics and Reports on Rutgers University

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