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U.S. Labor and Working Class History: Getting Started

Guide to library resources in U.S. Labor and Working Class History.

Before You Start Your Research

  Researching U.S. Labor

  & Working Class History

This research guide was developed for the SMLR undergraduate courses Development of the Labor Movement I & II (37:575:201, 37:575:202), the graduate course Labor and Employment History (38:578:612), and Rutgers U.S. history courses that touch on issues, events, and people related to workers and the workplace. 

There are a myriad of sources, in print and online, available to the U.S. labor history researchers.  Start by reading your assignment carefully.  Are primary sources required?  Are scholarly journal articles required?  Can you use media sources, such as audiorecordings or documentaries?  Use this guide to gain a sense of what is available from the Rutgers Univ. Libraries (RUL) and the Internet, and then develop a research plan.  RUL librarians are available at the SMLR/Carey, Alexander, and other RUL libraries, and via the RUL website, for consultation.  Good luck!

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