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State and Local Governments: States

Links to starting points for research related to state, county, and municipal governments. Also includes a section on print and microform resources for historical research on the states.

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Historical Resources in Alexander Library

Historical state documents in Alexander library include statistical and legislative manuals and blue books, official checklists of state publications, and miscellaneous other materials. Some titles have been fully cataloged and can be located by searching the Library Catalog; others can be located using the documents card catalog. For assistance, please ask at the Reference Desk.

Some major resources are described briefly below:

  • Early State Records - The "Jenkins Project" of early state records (legislative, statutory law, constitutional records) for states east of the Mississippi are available on microfilm in a set entitled Records of the States of the United States of America: a microfilm compilation (ALEXANDER DOCMFILM 6009). For an index see Guide to the Microfilm Collection of Early State Records (ALEXANDER REF Z1223.5.A1U47) and its supplement. Dates range from the 1700s to the early 1900s.
  • Index to Current Urban Documents - Located in ALEXANDER DOCREF Z7165.U5I654 and covering the years 1972/73 to October 1993. A small selection of the accompanying microfiche is available in ALEXANDER DOCM-F cabinet 26-C.
  • Legislative Manuals - A collection of state legislative manuals is available in microfiche in ALEXANDER DOCM-F cabinet number 14-F. Most of the material in this collection dates to the early 1990s, although some earlier material is included.
  • Model Cities Reports - Contains reports from cities across the nation for the period of the 1960s and 1970s. The microfiche is located in the Microforms Room (ALEXANDER M-FICH 247). Titles within the series are listed separately in the Library Catalog. For an index to the collection, see Model Cities Reports: a Bibliographic Guide to the Microfiche Collection (ALEXANDER REF HT167.M62).
  • Official Publications - To identify official publications from a specific state for the period from 1921 to 1994 consult the Monthly Checklist of State Publications (ALEXANDER DOCUS and DOCUSR LC 30.9). Checklists for some states are also available in print and are listed separately in the Library Catalog. More recent checklists are available online at State List: The Electronic Source of State Publications.
  • State Corrections and Poverty Reports - Reports for the late 1800s to early 1900s are available in microfiche for many states. Consult the government documents card catalog under the names of individual states and issuing agencies. Microfiche are filed in ALEXANDER DOCM-F cabinet 14-E and 14-F.
  • State Labor Reports - A collection of labor reports for individual states is available in microfiche in ALEXANDER DOCM-F cabinet 14-E. Holdings are reflected in the Microforms Database; search for the title "state labor reports" to retrieve a list. For an index to the collection, see Index of All Reports Issued by the Bureaus of Labor Statistics in the United States prior to March 1, 1902 (ALEXANDER DOCUSR L 2.34:1869-1902).
  • Statistical Abstracts - A collection of state statistical abstracts is available in microfiche in ALEXANDER DOCM-F cabinet 14-C. The collection ranges from the 1800s to 1976.
  • Statistical Manuals - Many state statistical manuals are indexed by the Statistical Reference Index located in the DOCREF area of Alexander Library. Obtain the SRI number from the index and then locate the corresponding microfiche by year and number in the beige cabinets in the DOCREF area.

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