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Labor Relations and the Sports Industry: Getting Started

Course Guide: 37:575:310

News on Sports & Collective Bargaining from Google News


Before You Start Your Research

  Researching Labor Relations and Sports

Doing research in labor relations and the sports industry can be challenging.  It requires knowledge of information resources in business, law, labor relatons, sports, and even at times medicine.  The resources presented here were selected to help you, the beginning researcher, decide where to start your research process.   

Before you start looking for information, think about what keywords describe your question or topic. Some databases also give help in selecting keywords.
Think about whether you the information you are seeking is current or historical, business-oriented or legal, if you need text or data.  Asking these questions helps you determine where to start--articles database, book, legal database, statistics webpage, etc.
If you need help beyond this Guide, contact me or another RUL librarian!

This Libguide was created by Donna Schulman, Librarian, Carey Library and Eugene McElroy, Research Associate, Carey Library.

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