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Rutgers Dissertations and Theses: Stonier

A guide to identifying and locating Rutgers dissertations and theses from the earliest years to the present day.

About Stonier Theses

The ABA Stonier Graduate School of Banking was hosted by Rutgers University until the mid-1980s when it moved to the University of Delaware, and subsequently to Georgetown University. It is currently being hosted by the University of Pennsylvania.

Only about 120 of the Stonier theses that were completed during the period when the School was hosted at Rutgers still remain in the Libraries' collections. Those remaining theses can be identified in the Library Catalog by searching for Stonier thesis using a Basic keyword search.

Additional Stonier theses dating back to 1967 can be identified using the Dissertations & Theses Global [Rutgers Restricted] database and entering Stonier as the School (SCH). Earlier theses can be identified using the Cumulative Catalog of Theses. Check the record in the Library Catalog for exact holdings.

For information on obtaining copies of Stonier theses, contact the ABA Stonier Graduate School of Banking directly.