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Training & Information Guide for the Mathematical Sciences & Physics Library: B. Responsibilities

Guide to information for library staff only

Work Study Guidlines

Student Assistant Letter

Work Agreement

Guidelines for Student and Hourly Staff Employees

  • Professional behavior is expected at all times.  Respect for co-workers, patrons, and your supervisor is an integral part of this professionalism.
  • You are responsible for working all the hours you agreed to at the start of the semester.  This includes mid-term and final exam periods.  If your mid-term or final exam schedule conflicts with your original work schedule, we will make arrangements to adjust your work schedule.  Requests submitted at least one week in advance will be considered.
  • Covered drinks are permitted in the library, but food is not permitted in the Libraries except in designated areas.  However, as an employee you are allowed to bring in food and beverages during your scheduled break.  You may eat in the library staff room or other building areas designated as “food zones”.  Do not bring food into any other area or eat at a service desk.
  • Cell phones must be set to silent mode, and not used in the library.  This includes texting while on a service desk.
  • You must sign out for a fifteen-minute break if you are working more than five hours.
  • Unauthorized use of library equipment, tampering with, or modifying computers or other equipment will result in dismissal.  This includes falsifying work time or modifying a timesheet. In addition, the Office of Student Conduct may be notified.
  • You should not conduct your own library transactions.  Another staff member must conduct checkouts, fine payments, and updates to your user record to avoid any suggestion of abuse.   Evidence of tampering with records to avoid payment of fines or replacement fees will result in serious disciplinary action.
  • While working at a service desk your main responsibility is to assist our patrons and maintain library security.  Playing games and listening to music is not allowed.  Use of social media or similar programs should be kept to a minimum and should not distract from your desk duties.
  • Keep social conversations and visits brief.  If a friend wants to engage you for an extended period of time, let them know it can affect your employment.
  • Do not spread your materials (book, computer, calculator, etc.) all over the front desk.  Remember, this area is for patrons and should be kept free and clear of any clutter.
  • You may be working with confidential information in your capacity as a library employee.  This includes, but is not limited to computer files, office records, and patron’s personal information.  In order to work for Rutgers Libraries, you must agree to maintain the confidentiality of all information with which you come in contact.  All confidential information must remain confidential and must never be discussed outside of your job.  If a government official asks to view records, call your supervisor.  Browsing patron records is prohibited.  Breaches of confidentiality will result in immediate termination of your job.



As an employee of the Rutgers University Libraries, you are expected to perform all of your work responsibilities to the best of your abilities.  Your specific training will introduce you to these tasks and how they relate to overall library service.

Working in the libraries provides you with the knowledge to use library computers and online databases. You are only entitled to use the equipment and functions on which you have been trained and are authorized to use.  Unauthorized use of library equipment or online functions may result in your immediate dismissal.  Any student dismissed for misuse of library resources will be reported to the appropriate Dean of Students and the Office of Student Conduct for further disciplinary action.  If you have any questions about what you are authorized to use, please ask your supervisor.

The following are important responsibilities that apply to all student employees in any job situation.  A separate section dealing with general reminders and the “Work Schedule” will follow.

  • You are responsible for completing the necessary forms for employment. Failure to do so could result in no paycheck!

  • Keep social conversations and visits brief.If conversations with friends are unavoidable, they should not interfere with your work. As a general rule, keep conversations at service desks or on the phone with non-patrons, i.e. your friends or family, to less than five minutes.

  • Food is not permitted in the Libraries except in designated staff lounges or
    food zones. Absolutely no food is permitted at the service desks.Also, if you observe library users eating in restricted areas, smoking, or being
    exceedingly unruly, report this behavior to your supervisor immediately.

  • The Rutgers University Libraries require library users to set electronic devices, including cell phones, on non-audible signals. The use of these devices disturbs those engaged in quiet reading and other scholarly pursuits. If you notice patrons engaging in loud conversations please ask them to go outside the library to use their phone. If you do not feel comfortable approaching a patron for any reason, refer the situation to your supervisor.

  • All hourly employees are expected to dress appropriately for working at a service desk or in the stacks. If you are scheduled to work soon after class and will not have time to go home and change, be sure to wear the appropriate attire to class

  • When you have completed your assigned tasks, check with your supervisor or other staff member on duty for another assignment.There’s always work to be done in the library.

Personal Appearance

Though there is no rigid dress code for working in the library, you are expected to dress appropriately. This means clean and well-groomed, wearing suitable, non-provocative or demeaning clothing (e.g. no midriff shirts, extremely short shorts, tank tops, shirts with inappropriate slang or images etc.).  Remember that a patron's first impression is often based on appearance and demeanor. You represent the library, so act and dress appropriately.

Work Time

Activities such as class work, recreational reading, personal business including cell phone calls and socializing to an unreasonable degree while on duty are not permitted. This includes checking any e-mail accounts, checking accounts on Facebook, downloading music for iPods, cell phones or MP3 players and reading / looking at any online materials (e.g. comics, Flickr, YouTube, etc.)

Radios, CD/MP3 players, cell phones and iPods are not to be used while you are on duty. 

All of the above are prohibited unless specifically permitted by your supervisor.

Guidelines for Student Assistants

We realize that your primary reason for being at Rutgers is to get an education and therefore your top priority is to complete your classes. By accepting employment with us you agree to be available to work throughout the academic semester. Expect to work during the library’s extended hours for final exam periods. We will arrange your work hours around your exam schedules, and we will try to make whatever work schedule adjustments are necessary to allow you sufficient time to prepare for those tests, but do not expect to be excused from work during those times.

If you hold another job in addition to this one, we expect that it will be subordinate to this one. Again, we will try to be flexible, but your commitment to this job must take precedence over other jobs.

Acknowledgement of receipt of Library student documents


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