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Resources that Include a Copy of the Measure-Available Online

Resources that Include a Copy of the Measure-Available In Print

NEW Resources! 

**Measures for Clinical Practice and Research : a sourcebook
Alexander Reference BF176.C66 2013 Vols. 1 & 2
The fifth edition of this valuable resource contains over 550  complete instruments. The structure and information provided is the same as the earlier 2007 and  2000 editions. Volume one again contains measures for use with couples, families and children, and volume two provides measures for adults.

**Tools for Strengths-Based Assessment and Evaluation  Alexander Reference H62.S47296 2013

Assessing Older Persons: Measures, Meaning, and Practical Applications
Alexander, Camden Stacks HQ1061.A74 2000
Detailed accounts of measures for a wide range of functions are included in this title. Over 33 measures are provided.

Communication Research Measures: A Sourcebook
ALEXANDER Stacks P91.3 .C62 1994
Part one gives an overview of the areas in the communication discipline which use quantitative measures. Descriptive summaries of 62 measures, including validity and reliability information, follow in part two. Most of the actual measures are also provided.

Exacting Beauty: Theory, Assessment, and Treatment of Body Image Disturbance
LSM, CAMDEN Stacks RC569.5.B65E93 1999
This title provides a comprehensive and in-depth look at the nature and scope of body image disturbance. Approximately 100 frequently used measures are described and 36 body image instruments are reprinted.

Handbook of Community and Home Health Nursing: Tools for Assessment, Intervention, and Education
LSM, DANA Stacks RT98.S782 1996
Two hundred and fifty-two measures, guidelines, and assessment tools are included.

Handbook of Family Measurement Techniques 3 vols.
ALEXANDER Ref. HQ728.H267 2001
Volume one contains abstracts describing 976 measures developed between 1929-1986. The abstracts of 367 measures in volume two cover the period 1987-1996. Descriptions in these two volumes include reliability/validity information, references, sample items, and available from information. Areas covered include dimensions of family/marital interaction, intimacy and family values, parenthood, and roles and power. Volume three includes 168 selected examples of actual instruments described in the two volumes of abstracts. A subject index is also included in volume three. A 1990 edition of this resource is available at CAMDEN, DANA, and LSM, but it does not include the measures.

Handbook of Geriatric Assessment
Alexander Ref. RC953.G34 2006
The text covers instruments, questionnaires, and concepts across a variety of domains including elder abuse, social support, dementia, substance use and abuse, assessment of daily living, adherence to medical treatment, and many other areas. Approximately 41 measures are included.

Handbook of Marketing Scales: Multi-Item Measures for Marketing and Consumer Behavior Research
CAMDEN Stacks HF5415.3.B323 1999; ALEXANDER, CAMDEN, DANA, CARR Stacks HF5415.3.B323 1993
Measures are organized by the following topical areas: individual traits, values, involvement and information processing, reactions to advertising stimuli, attitudes toward the social role of business, and sales and sales management issues. Descriptive, validity and original source information is also provided.

Handbook of Psychiatric Measures
ALEXANDER Ref: RC473.P78A46 2008; LSM, CAMDEN Ref. RC473.P78 A46 2000
Introductory chapters in part one address the nature of measures and limitations in their use, psychometric properties of measures, and ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic factors that influence the use and interpretation of measures. The remaining chapters cover measures organized by domain. Information provided includes descriptive summaries and psychometric properties, practical issues, clinical utility, references and suggested readings. Sample items are provided for most measures. Additionally, 108 actual measures are included on the CD-ROM that accompanies this resource. Appendix C of the book includes a list of measures found on the CD-ROM. Each chapter also provides a table that lists the measures covered and indicates with an asterisk (*) which measures are included the CD-ROM.

Handbook of Research Design and Social Measurement
ALEXANDER Ref. H62.M44 2002, DANA Ref. H62.M44 1991; CAMDEN, DANA, CARR Stacks H62.M44 1991
See Part 7, "Assessing Social Variables: Scales and Indexes" Scales cover areas such as social status, group structure and dynamics, leadership, family and marriage, etc.

Handbook of Sexuality-Related Measures, 3rd edition
Alexander Ref. HQ60.H36 2011; 2nd edition-LSM, DANA Ref. HQ60.H36 1998
This source includes over 200 measures of sexuality-related constructs or topics such as love, communication, decision making, abortion, abuse, homosexuality, sexual risk taking, female sexuality, etc. Most of the actual measures are included by permission of the author. Sample items from those that are commercially available are provided, with details about how to obtain a copy. Included in the description of the measures are administration procedures, reliability and validity information, and references.

Handbook of Tests and Measurements for Black Populations 2 vols.
ALEXANDER Ref BF176.H37 1996
This is a collection of more than 100 psychological tests and measures developed for use with African Americans. Volume one focuses on children, adolescents, and family, and volume two presents measures appropriate for late adolescents, young adults, and older age groups. The tests are in various stages of development, but information regarding rationale for the measure and reliability and validity data are provided. Except as otherwise noted, most of the authors have granted non-commercial use of the tests and measures for research, service, or instructional purposes.

Measurement of Nursing Outcomes 4 vols.
LSM Ref. RT85.5.M434 1988; DANA Stacks RT85.5.M434 1988
A collection of tools that measure client outcomes, nursing performance, clinical skills, and client self-care and coping skills.

Measures for Clinical Practice and Research: A Sourcebook, 4th edition, 2 vols.
ALEXANDER Ref. BF176.C66 2007

Measures for Clinical Practice: A Sourcebook, 3rd edition,  2 vols.

Measures of Personality and Social Psychological Attitudes
Collection of attitude scales that are useful in survey research and cover subject areas such as self-esteem, loneliness, social anxiety, locus-of control, sex roles, values, etc. Reliability and validity data, evaluative comments, and references are provided. Sample items, and in most cases, the actual measures are reproduced.

Measures of Political Attitudes
DANA Ref. JA745.5.M43 1999
Companion volume to above source. Includes reviews, reliability and validity data, and references. Again, sample items, and in most cases, the actual measures are reproduced. Covers measures of liberalism/conservatism, racial attitudes, political alienation, etc.

Measures of Religiosity
ALEXANDER Ref. BR110.M43 1999
This is a source for measures that cover areas such as religious beliefs/practices, religious attitudes, religious development, religious coping/problem solving, spirituality, and views of death/afterlife. Descriptive information including reliability/validity data is also provided.

Measures of Self-Concept
LSM Ref. BF697.5.S43W95 1989

Measuring Health: A Guide to Rating Scales and Questionnaires 

Includes reviews, descriptions, test properties, etc., for rating scales and questionnaires that cover topics such as physical disability, pain, psychological well-being, and quality of life.

Pfeifffer's Classic Inventories, Questionnaires and Surveys for Training and Development
ALEX Ref. HD57.7.P545 2004
Leadership and management related assessments, instruments, and surveys are presented. Scoring information and validity and reliability data are included, as are 37 actual measures.

Positive Psychological Assessment: A Handbook of Models and Measures
LSM, DANA Stacks BF176.P67 2003
This book is a compendium of positive psychological constructs and related measures. Chapters cover cognitive, emotional, interpersonal, religious and philosophical models. Nineteen complete instruments are included, although many others are discussed.

 Practitioner's Guide to Empirically Based Measures of Social Skills
 ALEXANDER Ref. HM691.P73 2010
This source provides in-depth reviews of nearly 100 measures, including their administration and scoring, and psychometric properties. Reprints of more than a dozen measures are found in Appendix B.

Rating Scales in Mental Health
ALEXANDER Ref. RC473.P78S245 2003
This source contains 113 psychiatric rating scales that can be applied in a variety of clinical and/or research settings. The scales are grouped into three broad categories: psychiatric diagnoses, e.g., anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, etc.; functional domains, e.g., quality of life, substance abuse, etc., and scales for specific populations. Entries include an overview of the scale, general applications, selected psychometric properties, references to journals and/or books that discuss the scale and/or utilize the scale, copyright information, and time to complete the scale. The scale is reproduced if permission has been granted.

 Research Instruments in Social Gerontology 3 vols.
ALEXANDER Stacks HQ1061.R44 1982
This three volume series reviews over 400 instruments, and 298 actual instruments are included. Abstracts for the instruments include psychometric information, scoring information, etc. The three volumes cover clinical/social psychology, social roles and social participation, and health, program evaluation and demography.

 Sourcebook of Adult Assessment Strategies
ALEXANDER Ref. RC473.P78S38 1995
Seventy tests and scales are included in this source. Presentation of the measures corresponds to the order of related diagnostic categories in the DSM-IV. Information provided for each test includes purposes and uses, administration and scoring, cutoff and sample scores, reliability, and validity.

Sourcebook of Nonverbal Measures: Going Beyond Words
ALEXANDER Stacks P99.5.S58 2005
The creators of the measures wrote the chapters in this resource. The measures are applicable to the areas of interpersonal communication, psychology, and personal relationships.

Tests in Microfiche (TIM)
LSM-Shelved in Reference microfiche cabinets on the first floor, 1975-
Tests in Microfiche Annotated Index LSM Ref. LB1131.T45 1975-; (ALEXANDER has Cumulative Index to Tests in Microfiche, 1975-1987, Ref. LB1131.T452)
Made available through the Educational and Testing Service (ETS), this annual series of unpublished, noncommercial educational and psychological measures covers a variety of topics and populations. Use the Tests in Microfiche Annotated Index to find the tests available in the microfiche collection or see this list Full Test Instruments Available in ETS Tests in Microfiche Collection. The tests can be reproduced for educational or research purposes.




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