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Quick Search

Quick search is the default search strategy on Embase. It performs quick and easy searches using key words and phrases to get an overview of the literature.  The default search filed in Quick Search is Broad Search, which combines indexed terms explosion search (/exp) with free text search in all fields. Click pencil icon to change search field. Broad search matches the entered term to the preferred Emtree term (e.g., aspirin will be mapped to “acetylsalicylic acid”) and searches the related narrower or children terms (e.g., “breast cancer” will be including “basal like breast cancer”, “breast carcinogenesis”, “breast sarcoma”, “breast carcinoma” …). Furthermore, it searches the entered term as free text in all fields. As an example, hypertension will be searched as “hypertension/exp OR hypertension”. 

Using Quick Search

1. Type one concept into the text box using one line. The autocomplete function will suggest indexed words or phrases directly coming from Emtree. To search for a phrase, use single or double quotes around the phrase, e.g., 'heart attack' or "heart attack". Use Boolean OR to add synonyms or alternative names for the same concept. 

2. Add additional line using broad search field to add a second concept and select Boolean AND from the drop down, or other search fields if applicable.

3. Limit your search to publication years or record types associated with evidence-based medicine by clicking "Limit to".



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