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Course guide for SEBS Portals to Academic Success, Spring, 2022

Class Exercise 1 Part A: What to do if... ?

PROBLEM: Your professor said that the text you would have to read for the next class is available in the library. You can’t find it. You are getting nervous.


Check the syllabus to find the exact title. Copy the title in the search box on the Libraries' homepage. Use "quotes."
Make sure it is an article or a book chapter and you are typing in the right information.
Use the ASK US button to chat with a librarian. Have all information at hand.
Walk into a library and find the reference desk or the circulation desk.
Ask one of your classmates. If you can’t find it, they might have problems, too.
Email the professor for more details.

Class Exercise 1 PART B: Scenarios to Keep Calm with the Library (work in pairs or groups)

INSTRUCTIONS: Work with a partner or in a small group. Find your task by number below. Take notes to report out to the class.

  1. You have just realized that you will have to make some last-minute changes on your homework assignment, which is due in an hour. It has to be printed and stapled. You have the file on your laptop.
  2. You have a group project due soon and you need to work with three other students. You need to find a place where you can work together for several hours.
  3. You have never used the library before. You want to check out a book.
  4. You have to write a paper and find five scholarly peer-reviewed articles. You have no idea where to start.
  5. You are studying at home, off-campus. You need help with your homework or else you can’t go on. You realized you would need to find something in the library.
  6. You are looking for a place to study, possibly with computers.
  7. The major book that you need for your big class project is not available in Rutgers libraries.
  8. You are a commuter. Most of your classes are on Cook/Douglass. You need a quiet place to wind down between classes.
  9. Your classmate volunteered to help you with your math homework. You need a place with a big white board to work on.
  10. You need a quiet space to study where nobody disturbs you for several hours. You may need to rest your eyes a bit.
  11. Your exams are closing in on you. You have to study late at night, but your dorm is not that quiet place you need now. You like the library, but are afraid to walk back so late.
  12. You have never been to any Rutgers Library. How do you decide where to go? Find the library that would work best for your purposes.

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