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Economic Indicators: About this Guide

About this Guide

Reports on the economy are often summarized in the business press. These reports are based on economic indicators and reviews published periodically - weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually - by various government agencies, research institutes, trade associations, and commercial firms. Most economic reviews are based on the analysis of data collected by government agencies such as the Commerce Department and the Labor Department. Other are measures of consumer confidence e.g. the monthly surveys from the Conference Board and from the University of Michigan, or business confidence e.g. the monthly survey from the National Federation of Independent Business.

This guide will lead to sources of economic, financial, commercial, and trade indicators; reviews and reports on the national, regional, and state economies; and forecasts of economic conditions. There is a separate guide to International Trade and Socioeconomic Statistics.

We want to acknowledge the research assistance of Ruth Ware in the October 2015 update of this Research Guide.

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Q2 2016 GDP revised

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