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EndNote 20

A list of curated tutorials for EndNote 20

Although EndNote makes citation easier and importing a reference is generally more accurate than manually adding one, sometimes you will need to correct the output of Endnote by manually editing it because not all imported references will be correct.

  • Edit the EndNote record in your EndNote library when the author is an organization: 

To make their names display properly, you need to edit the record in your EndNote library to add a comma at the end of the organization’s name.  For example, the author field in EndNote for the Healthcare Commission should be "Healthcare Commission,".

  • Edit citations or references in your Word document

If you have exactly quoted words, images or anything else in your work, you need to include the page number in your citation. To do this, select the citation that needs changing, then go to the EndNote toolbar. Click "Edit Citation(s)" button. On the pop-up window, type just the page number(s) (For a single page, just that page number; For pages, type the range, for example, 1-5, and no others in to the bottom field called Pages. Click "Save". If you do not see the page number appear in the citation in the work file, click on the "Update Citations and Bibliography" button on the . 

You can also use the "Edit Citations(s)" button to add extra information to your citation, such as using the "Prefix" field, which adds whatever you type to the start of your citation, or the "Suffix" field, which adds whatever you type to the end of your citation.

In some cases, EndNote cannot cope with automatically. You will need to make these changes manually. For example, if you have used a secondary reference, there is no way for EndNote to format it correctly. Wait until you are happy with all other citations in your document and are ready to submit it, apart from needing to edit the references. Cover the file to plain text and then edit it manually. To do this, select "Convert Citations and Bibliography" from the EndNote toolbar and click on "convert to plain text". A new plain word document without linking to EndNote will be created. The original will still be linked to EndNote, and will still be editable. Keep both versions of the file. In this new document, the citations and references are not linked to an EndNote library but are simply words on the page, so you can edit them as you need to. 

For other advanced features of EndNote, please reference EndNote Tutorials


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