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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

An introduction to generative AI and its use in teaching, research, and publishing.

AI and Scholarly Communication

AI's influence on academic publishing has been a topic of increasing interest and discussion within scholarly communication. Some of the key debates surrounding this topic include:

Authorship and Attribution
AI's involvement in research and writing has raised questions about how to assign authorship and attribution. In some cases, AI systems generate substantial portions of articles, leading to discussions about whether AI should be considered an author or a tool. Determining appropriate credit for human researchers and AI systems remains a challenge.

Plagiarism and Originality
With AI tools assisting in content creation, concerns have arisen about unintentional plagiarism. Researchers may unknowingly use AI-generated text without proper attribution or understanding its source. This calls for clear guidelines and education on how to incorporate AI-generated content while maintaining proper citation practices.

Intellectual Property and Ownership
The ownership of AI-generated content is complex. Publishers, institutions, and researchers may all have claims to content created by AI. Balancing these claims and establishing ownership rights is a significant challenge, as existing intellectual property laws might not adequately address AI-generated works.

Quality Control and Peer Review
The use of AI tools in generating content has sparked discussions about maintaining the quality and reliability of academic publications. Peer review processes may need to adapt to assess AI-generated content for accuracy, originality, and ethical considerations.

Ethics and Transparency
AI-generated content might introduce biases or inaccuracies that need to be addressed to maintain academic integrity. Transparency in disclosing the role of AI in research and writing is crucial to uphold ethical standards.

Publisher Policies on AI

Before including AI-generated content in a project you intend to get published, check publisher policies regarding permissible use and attribution. Below are some examples of publisher policies regarding the use of AI.

AI Writing Tools


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