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Alcohol Studies Research Guide: Home

Sorry, the collection is temporarily unavailable

Please note that the Center of Alcohol Studies Library closed in December 2016. This guide will be updated once the collection has been relocated in its final destination. 

About the Alcohol Library

Located in the Brinkley and Adele Smithers Hall, Busch Campus, Piscataway, New Jersey, the Center of Alcohol Studies Library, the Information Services Division of the Center of Alcohol Studies, maintains one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive collections of English-language documents pertaining to the biomedical and psychosocial aspects of alcohol use and abuse.

It offers a variety of print and electronic resources. All print resources are available in the library, while many of the electronic resources on substance abuse, provided by Rutgers University Libraries, can be accessed off site with a NetID.

Interested in Alcohol Research?

Are you interested in research on addiction? Check the links below to participate in a research study or training program.

Resources at a Glance

This guide will help you navigate Alcohol Studies Research.  You can begin your research by Finding Articles online in Journals and Databases or visit the Center of Alcohol Studies Library and use our Books/Textbooks or Special Collections.  This guide also has online resources under the Miscellaneous External Links tab.  Once you've completed your research, use the Bibliography tab to create your unique bibliography using Refworks and completing your paper in MLA or APA format.

Visit the Center of Alcohol Studies LIbrary

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The Center of Alcohol Studies Library is located on Busch Campus.  Our official address if 607 Allison Road.  The Library is located on the 3rd floor of the Brinkley and Adele Smithers Hall (on the western side of Allison Road). 


This LibGuide was developed at the Center of Alcohol Studies Library by librarians Judit H. Ward, James Cox, and Molly Stewart. Contributors to the Readers Advisory on Addictions in Pop Culture also include Kate Scherler and Lauren Antolino. Recents updates were added by William Bejarano, Will Haggis, and Maria Ortiz-Myers.

Guide to reading about addiction and substance abuse

Judit Ward
Subjects:Alcohol Studies