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Diversity and Oppression


The World of Jim Crow America: A Daily Life Encyclopedia
Steven A. Reich, ed. Santa Barbara, Calif., Greenwood, 2019. Rutgers-restricted Access
Encyclopedia of Race, Ethnicity, and Society
Thousand Oaks, Calif., Sage Publications, 2008.
Over 600 signed entries on racial and ethnic groups and issues relating to race and ethnicity. Rutgers-restricted Access
Encyclopedia of Racism in the United States
Westport, Conn., Greenwood Press, 2005. 3 vols.
Some 450 scholarly entries dealing with concepts, theories, people, events, legislation, court cases, and specific racial and ethnic groups. Includes an appendix of primary documents: slave codes, legal documents, speeches, and texts. Available?;
The Color of Words: An Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Ethnic Bias in the United States
Philip H. Herbst. Yarmouth, Me., Intercultural Press, 1997.
Herbst, an anthropologist, offers definitions, as well as the social and historical origins, of 850 frequently misunderstood, offensive, or politically-charged ethnic and racial terms used in the U.S. Available?
Cruel and Unusual: Negative Images of Arabs in American Popular Culture
Laurence Michalak. 3rd edition. Washington, DC: American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) Research Institute, 1988. ERIC ED 363 532.
While Michalak touches on the treatment of Arabs in other venues (songs, jokes, television, political cartoons and comics), the main focus is on depiction in films.
Race and Arab Americans Before and After 9/11: From Invisible Citizens to Visible Subjects
Amaney Jamal and Nadine Christine Naber. Syracuse University Press, 2008. Available?
Dictionary of Latino Civil Rights History
Francisco A. Rosales. Houston, Tex., Arte Publico Press, 2006. Rutgers-restricted Access

Constructing Race

"Terms of Estrangement"
James Shreeve. Discover November 1994.
Ann Morning. Contexts 4 (4), Fall 2005, pp.44-46
Overview of definitions, usage, and sociological approach.Rutgers-restricted Access
Racial Theories
Michael Banton.2nd edition. New York, Cambridge University Press, 1998. Available?
"The Conceptual Politics of Race: Lessons From Our Children"
Lawrence Hirschfeld. Ethos 25(1), March 1997, pp. 63-92. Rutgers-restricted Access
"Social Construction and the Concept of Race"
Edouard Machery and Luc Faucher. Philosophy of Science, December 2005, pp. 1208-1219. Rutgers-restricted Access
Critical Race Theory: The Key Writings That Formed the Movement.
Kimberle Crenshaw New York, New Press, 1995
Looks at judicial conclusions resulting from the social construction of race. Available?
"Black Belts and Ivory Towers: The Place of Race in U.S. Social Thought, 1892-1948"
Davarian L. Baldwin. Critical Sociology 30(2), 2004, pp.397-450. Rutgers-restricted Access
Racial Formation in the United States.
Michael Omi and Howard Winant. 3rd edition. New York, Routledge, 2015. Available?

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