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Videos on Literature and Philosophy: Philosophy

SELECTED DVDs and Videotapes in the Rutgers Libraries

Philosophy DVDs

Blaise Pascal 2000

Roberto Rossellini, Pierre Arditti, and Rita Forzano

Shows the drama of a man who developed scientific thought in conflict with the dogmatism of his deep religious faith. 1 videocassette (130 min.)

MEDIA 2-6003   10-2170


Edouard Glissant one world in relation 2011?

Manthia Diawara, Lydie Diakhaté, Édouard Glissant, K'a-Yéléma Productions, and Newsreel (Firm)

Martinican author, literary and social critic Edouard Glissant is interviewed in short clips about his theory of Relation. 1 videodisc (51 min.) :

MEDIA 10-2953


An encounter with Simone Weil c2011

What response does seeing human suffering demand of us? Filmmaker Julia Haslett seeks an answer in the controversial French philosopher and activist Simone Weil (1909-1943), whose life and work took on this question in a dramatic way. Adopting Weil as her guide through an engaging and profound moral landscape, Julia goes on a journey to understand Weil's loss of faith in revolutionary politics and the spiritual awakening that followed. Driving her obsession with Weil is the interwoven story of suffering within Haslett's own family, her father's suicide when she was 17 and now her older brother's severe depression. When Weil dies from self-starvation at the height of World War II, she is left wondering if death was the logical conclusion to Weil's philosophy and her attempt to share the pain of others? 1 videodisc (85 min.)

MEDIA 10-3927


Five friends 2011

Erik Santiago, Hank Mandel, Alan Frow, Michael S Kimmel, Media Education Foundation, ManTiago Films, and Captive Pictures (Firm)

American philosopher Elbert Hubbard was fond of quoting his father on friendship, "When you die, if you've got five real friends, you had a great life".  Five Friends is the story of how one man sought to live that life. The film follows a 65-year-old man and his five closest friends as they navigate and reflect on success, conflict, marriage, divorce, fatherhood, children, and dying. 1 videodisc (71 min.) :

MEDIA 10-2966


In beauty I walk the Navajo way to harmony c2002

Sheri Brenner, Johnson Dennison, Harry Walters, Peter Gold, and Sheri Brenner Productions

Navajo medicineman, Johnson Dennison, Navajo philosopher, Harry Walters and American anthropologist, Peter Gold come together amid the stunning environs of Arizona's sacred Canyon de Chelly, for an intelligent, lively and warmhearted exploration of Navajo ways of spiritual balance and harmony in daily living. Their words of wisdom are mirrored in Navajo art and in the stunning landscape of the Colorado Plateau: homeland of the Navajo people. 1 videodisc (28 min., 30 sec.)

MEDIA 10-2095


Lotmani maailm Lotman's world 2009

IU. M Lotman, Agne Nelk, Rein Pakk, Kiur Aarma, Eesti Filmi Sihtasutus, and Icarus Films

"Blending archival footage and imaginative animation (and periodic mash-ups of both), LOTMAN'S WORLD introduces us to the life and work of Yuri Lotman (1922-1993), a pioneer semiotician and cultural critic whose many writings in semiotics and structuralism dealt with a wide range of artistic, theoretical and historical issues. Lotman studied philology and literature at Leningrad State University and served as a radio operator during WWII, but after the war Lotman was unable to continue his studies or find employment in Moscow because of anti-Semitism. In 1950 he began teaching at Tartu University in Estonia, which he found an oasis of free thought, where he could lecture and write and conduct research with likeminded educators. Lotman's Tartu colleagues-including Boris Uspensky, Alexander Piatigorsky, Vladimir Toporov and Vyacheslav Ivanov-plus semioticians such as Umberto Eco and Peter Torop, discuss the cultural study of signs, signifiers and meanings, languages as both textual and visual structures, and reminisce about Lotman's talents as a lecturer and his brilliance as a thinker and writer. In archival interviews, Lotman himself discusses the broader context of semiotics, which involves the relationship between culture and nature, the importance of moral qualities such as tolerance, intelligence, and self-respect, the true nature of freedom, and the overall meaning of life. Interviews with family members, including his older sister and his son, round out this portrait of Lotman as both human being and influential teacher and author."--Container. 1 videodisc (ca. 57 min.) :

MEDIA 10-2345


Marx reloaded 2011

A cultural documentary that uses some of the central ideas of 19th century German socialist and philosopher Karl Marx to try to make sense of the global financial crisis of 2008-09. This crisis prompted the U.S. government to spend more than 1 trillion dollars in order to rescue its banking system from financial meltdown. But can the largest financial losses in history really be put down to the natural risks and uncertainties of the free market? Or is there another explanation as to why the crisis happened and what its implications are for the future of our society, our economy, for our whole way of life? 1 videodisc (53 min.)

MEDIA 10-4159


The power of forgiveness 2007

Elie Wiesel, Nh ât Hanh, Thomas Moore, Marianne Williamson, Martin Doblmeier, Journey Films, First-Run Features (Firm), and South Carolina Educational Television Network

To forgive someone can be simple....this simple act can have powerful consequences.  From Northern Ireland to Ground Zero to the Amish countryside, explores how forgiveness can transform your life. 1 videodisc (78 min.) :

MEDIA 10-2298


Shoot for the contents 2006?

Reflecting on Mao's famous saying, "Let a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend," this film explores the maze of allegorical naming and storytelling in China and attempts to realize on screen the shifts of interpretation in contemporary Chinese culture and politics. Ponders questions of power and change, politics and culture, as refracted by the events in Tienanmen Square. The film layers Chinese popular songs and classical music, the sayings of Mao and Confucius, women's voices and the words of artists, philosophers and other cultural workers. Also discusses the Chinese film industry and censorship. 1 videodisc (101 min.)

MEDIA 10-4295


Simone de Beauvoir c2008

"Two interviews, recorded 16 years apart, illuminating the historic role, personality and thoughts of the novelist, philosopher and political activist who paved the way for Second-Wave Feminism"--Container. 1 videodisc (90 min.)

MEDIA 10-5599


Singer a dangerous mind 2004, c2003

Margie Bryant, David Roach, Terry Carlyon, Robert Menzies, Film Finance Corporation (Australia), Serendipity Productions, Australian Film Commission, British Broadcasting Corporation, and ABC News

"Dr. Peter Singer has been called the most influential living philosopher. He has also been called a monster. In this thought-provoking program, he faces his critics and discusses his ideas on euthanasia, abortion, and infanticide. The program follows his worldwide tour of lectures and encounters, including case conferences and a trip to Austria, where most of his family was killed in the Holocaust. A range of commentators consider his utilitarian stance and its impact on public policy"--Container. 1 videodisc (56 min.)

MEDIA 10-286


Wittgenstein c2008

A stunning and profoundly entertaining work on modern philosophy and the genius that revolutionized it. A humorous and bold portrait of the irreverent 20th-century gay thinker who preferred detective fiction and Carmen Miranda musicals to Aristotle. 1 videodisc (69 min.)

MEDIA 10-5176



Augustine late have I loved thee 1992

James Joseph O'Donnell, James Joseph O'Donnell, Patrick H Ryan, and Seth Sibanda

This is a compelling introduction to the life and works of Augustine, Bishop of Hippo.  The production was shot in and around Rome and Milan and also uses still photography to acquaint the viewer with Augustine's world, the Bishop himself, and his major works.  Readings from his Confessions and City of God in English with a few in Latin with English translation add to the visual dimension of the video. 1 videocassette (37 min.)

DANA 188


Believe, imagine, dream Croire, imaginer, penser/part 1 2001

Mahmoud Hussein, Philippe Calderon, Paul Barrett, Luis Molina, Alain de Libera, and Tony Lévy

By replacing paganism with monotheism and tribal life with empire-building, the Arabs of the Umayyad and Abbasid dynasties effected a complete paradigm shift in their worldview. This program studies the codification of Islamic law and assimilation of non-Arab texts--and the ensuing competition between the ulema, or doctors of the law, and the philosophers, who saw reason as an equal to divine enlightenment. The contributions of key figures, including the Caliph al-Maamun, Yaqub ibn Ishaq al-Kindi, Abu al-Nasr al-Farabi, Avicenna, Muhammad ibn Tufayl, and Averroes, are also examined. 1 videocassette (26 min.)

MEDIA 2-5517


Believe, imagine, dream Croire, imaginer, penser/ part 2 2001

Mahmoud Hussein, Philippe Calderon, Paul Barrett, Abdelfattah Kilito, Tayeb Saddiki, and José Monleón

Encompassing fairy tales, romances, legends, fables, parables, and anecdotes, "The thousand and one nights" is a composite of popular oral stories that developed over several centuries, mainly during the Empire of the Caliphate. This program scrutinizes the wonderfully audacious tale of Scheherezade and what it tells the attentive reader about the dreams of Arab men and women during the empire's golden age. Recurring themes such as hunger for adventure and a desire to be free from tradition are explored, as well as a conception of power that glorifies self-control and disparages violence. 1 videocassette (27 min.)

MEDIA 2-5516


Believing 1991

Mischa Scorer, Patrick Lui, Anthony Quayle , and Mike Chinoy

Considers the Cultural Revolution's impact on China and the reaction to it which elevates production and profit to a new importance, while continuing the Communist political education of the young. 1 videocassette (29 min.)

MEDIA 2-2316


Blaise Pascal 2000

Roberto Rossellini, Pierre Arditti, and Rita Forzano

Shows the drama of a man who developed scientific thought in conflict with the dogmatism of his deep religious faith. 1 videocassette (130 min.)

MEDIA 2-6003


A Brief history of time 1992

S. W Hawking, Errol Morris, Philip Glass, and David Hickman

Explores the mysteries we've all wondered about in a film set against the backdrop of Stephen Hawking's life story. 1 videocassette (84 min.)

DANA. MEDIA 886 2-2261


Bryan Magee talks to Hubert Dreyfus about Husserl, Heidegger and modern existentialism 1997, 1987

Jill Dawson, Bryan Magee, and Hubert L Dreyfus

Herbert Dreyfus traces the roots of existentialism from Husserl's School of Phenomenology, to his pupil Martin Heidegger's theories of das Sein, the threefold structure of activity, authenticity and nihilism. Dreyfus relates the philosophies of both men to present-day school of thought. 1 videocassette (48 min.)

MEDIA 2-3688


Buckminster Fuller thinking out loud  1996

Karen Goodman, Kirk Simon, and R. Buckminster Fuller

A restrospective look at the life and work of Buckminster Fuller since his death in 1983.  His archives and previously unseen personal papers were opened for filmmakers Karen Goodman and Kirk Simon. 1 videocassette (90 min.)

DANA 731


Confucius words of wisdom 1996

Steven R Talley and Hal Linden

Tells Confucius' dramatic story, from his impoverished childhood and down the long road to his years as a celebrated teacher. 1 videocassette (ca. 45 min.)

DANA 1248


A conversation on caring with Jean Watson and Janet Quinn 1990

Jean Watson and Janet Quinn

Doctors Watson and Quinn discuss the idea of interpersonal caring from a holistic view in respect not only to its application within the nursing profession but also within the broader arena of human social interaction. 1 videocassette (27 min.)

DANA 411


A Conversation with Virginia Henderson  1989

Virginia Henderson and Lisa Moss

In an interview with Patricia Moccia, Virginia Henderson discusses her life, her career, and nursing theory. Also touched on is Henderson's book, The Nature of nursing. 1 videocassette (26 min.)

DANA 397


Cosmos, a personal voyage: Encyclopaedia galactica: Who speaks for Earth? 2000.0

Carl Sagan, Ann Druyan, Steven Soter, Richard J Wells, Tom Weidlinger, KCET (Television station : Los Angeles, Calif.), Carl Sagan Productions, British Broadcasting Corporation, Television Service, and Polytel International

Encyclopaedia galactica : Scrutinizes a notorious UFO incident and the unsubstantiated theories of von Daniken. Explores the probable nature of intelligent civilizations in the universe and the means by which contact might be made. Notes that the "Rosetta Stone" for interstellar communication is likely to involve the laws of physics. At the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, Dr. Sagan programs the world's largest radio telescope to listen for signs of life on a distant star. Who speaks for earth?: Dr. Carl Sagan reviews the ideas of cosmic evolution, the methodology of the scientific approach, and the limitations of our perceptions about the cosmos. Dr. Sagan also gives some cautionary warnings about the types of futures we face as a species and as a planet. 1 videocassette (124 min.)

MEDIA 2-7270


The Creation of the universe 1985

Timothy Ferris and Geoffrey Haines-Stiles

Explains theories relating to the creation of the universe including Einstein's theory of relativity, the Steady State and Big Bang theories; This is the ultimate detective story-- the creation of the universe. Award-winning journalist Timothy Ferris takes views on a cosmic ride, from the Big Bang 15 billion years ago, to the frontiers of sciene today. 1 videocassette (88 min.)

MEDIA DANA 2-733     969


Dance and human history 1974

Alan Lomax

Introduces the work of Alan Lomax and his colleagues in developing choreometrics, a cross-cultural method of studying the relationship of dance style to social structure.  Shows how the group, including Forrestine Paulay and Irmgard Bartenieff, analyzed dance films from all over the world and established a connection between patterns of movement and patterns of culture. 1 videocassette (40 min.)

MEDIA 2-5339


Does doctor know best? 1989, 1988

David Deutsch

Should you save the mother at the risk of losing the baby? Doctors from the National Cancer Institute and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center discuss controversies created by modern medicine with C. Everett Koop, journalist Ellen Goodman, and others. 1 videocassette (60 min.)

DANA 132


Eastern philosophy 2002

Trevor Green, Audrey Healy, Trevor Nichols , and Malcolm Seymour

This video examines the dominant philosophical and spiritual thought of the Far East, the South Asian schools of thought, and the two most prominent religions of the Middle East, Judaism and Islam. 3 videocassettes (50 min. each)

DANA. DANA. DANA 1788 cassette 1 1788 cassette 2 1788 cassette 3


An empire rises from the sands. 2, Once upon a time, Baghdad [videorecording] = Empire surgi des sables. 2, Il était une fois Bagdad 2001

Mahmoud Hussein, Philippe Calderon, Paul Barrett, Régis Morelon, Alain de Libera, and Jean Jolivet

The victory of the Abbasids over the Umayyads signified much more than the replacement of one dynasty with another. With it, Islam saw the birth of a multiethnic concept of power, in which both Arab and non-Arab Muslims could share authority. This program presents the Abbasid Caliphate at its peak, enthroned in its prestigious capital city: Baghdad. The defining project of Caliph al-Ma'amun, the translation by an army of clerks of all the ancient writings his emissaries could procure is spotlighted--an achievement that set the stage for an eventual showdown between religious and secular scholars. 1 videocassette (27 min.)

MEDIA 2-5509


The Enlightenment reason and progress 1990

Vic Lockwood and Alison Tucker

An introduction to the Enlightenment, including discussion of the historical setting and the influence of the works of Denis Diderot, David Hume, Adam Smith, and Adam Ferguson. 1 videocassette (25 min.)

MEDIA 2-2486


Erik H. Erikson a life's work 1992

Margaret Brenman-Gibson, Ruthie Mickles, Peter Hiller, Frances W Davidson, John M Davidson, and  Erik H Erikson

Biography of psychoanalyst Erik H. Erikson, emphasizing his work on the social context of behavior, ethical perspectives, and conflict resolution. 1 videocassette (48 min.)

MEDIA 2-2405


Ernesto Cardenal 1991

Ernesto Cardenal, Edward Asner, Rubén Martínez, Manazar Gamboa, Lewis MacAdams, John Dorr, and Ernesto Cardenal

"Ernesto Cardenal is an ordained Catholic priest, a revolutionary and an acclaimed poet who champions the spiritual and intellectual values of  the   Nicaraguan people.  On January 28, 1991, Ernesto Cardenal read in Spanish from Cantico comsico, his masterful 600-page poem, in Los Angeles."--Container. 1 videocassette (60 min.)

DANA 763


Ethics in action 1998

Thomas Walters, Gerald Corey, Marianne Schneider Corey, Robert Haynes, and Annie Hansen

This video features 12 vignettes that demonstrate ethical situations and responses. The student workbook provides exercises and guidelines for resolving eithical dilemmas. The video focuses on three areas: The first, Basic elements of ethical decision making. The second segmentsfocus is, How counselor values influence the helping relationship with clients. The final segment, The importance of defining appropriate boundaries in work with clients. 1 videocassette (62 min.)

DANA. DANA 1306 1306


Europe awakes L'eveil de l'Europe 2001

Mahmoud Hussein, Philippe Calderon, Paul Barrett, Tony Lévy, Danielle Jacquart, Jean Jolivet, and Henri Bresc

As dissension mounted between the rival Arab dynasties in Baghdad, Cordoba, and Cairo, Christendom rallied to oppose the Muslims in Spain and Jerusalem. This program plots out the decline of the Caliphate and the acquisition of Arab knowledge by Europeans starved for Islam's intellectual riches. The rise of feudalism and papal authority, the gradual defeat of the Muslim rulers in Spain, the Seljuk ursurpation of Abbisid power in the Near East, and the Crudades are explained, along with the concerted efforts of Catholic authorities to translate the vast libraries of Arab scientific and philosophical texts. 1 videocassette (26 min.)

MEDIA  MEDIA     DANA DANA 2-5518   2-5519            12   13


Freud under analysis 1987?

Traces the development of Freud's contributions from his background in neurology and the influence of nineteenth-century scientific thought.  Explores and raises questions about Freud's theories, and also raises issues about the scientific method. 1 videocassette (VHS) (58 min.)

MEDIA 2-311


From mechanistic to social systemic thinking 1995

Russell Lincoln Ackoff

Russell Ackoff explores the philosophies that have shaped the current view of the world, distinguished between synthesis and analysis and between understanding and knowledge, and reveals the key technology of the system age. 1 videocassette (73 min.)

DANA 570


The Greeks crucible of civilization 1999

Cassian Harrison, Anthony Geffen, and Liam Neeson

Views rise and fall of ancient Greece through the eyes of prominent figures of the times, including Cleisthenes, Themistocles, Pericles, and Socrates. 3 videocassettes (180 min.)

MEDIA. MEDIA. MEDIA 2-4345 cassette 1 2-4346 cassette 2 2-4347 cassette 3


Hail Mary 1986

Jean Luc Godard, Myriem Roussel, Thierry Rode, and Anne-Marie Miéville

A modern-day virgin named Mary inexplicably becomes pregnant in this controversial film which discards notions of divinity in favor of the celebration of a lively, intellectual humanism. 1 videocassette (107 min.)

MEDIA 2-627


Hate and the Internet web sites and the issue of free speech 1999

Ted Koppel, Don Black, and Floyd Abrams

"What is the price of free speech?  Protected by their first Amendment rights and the Internet's cultural philosophy of 'post it all and let the readers decide', American hate groups are having a field day on the World Wide Web, creating virtual communities of intolerance.  In this program, ABC News anchor Ted Koppel investigates the proliferation of hate online with Don Black, founder of the white nationalist Web site Storm Front, and Floyd Abrams, a First Amendment attorney who has represented the New York times and ABC News."--Container. 1 videocassette (22 min.)

MEDIA 2-5038


Henry one man's way c1997

Peter Singer, John Swindells, Open Channel Co-operative (Melbourne, Vic.), SBS Independent, and Bullfrog Films, inc

Examines the life of Henry Spira, an animal rights activist. 1 videocassette (53 min.)

MEDIA 2-6455


The Hero's journey  1987

Joseph Campbell, Peter Donat, William Free, Janelle Balnicke, and David Kennard

The first of a series of one-hour programs on the life and work of the renowned mythologist, scholar and teacher Joseph Campbell. Campbell's life followed the pattern of his mythical hero. This film portrays the development of his thought as it evolved and was influenced by the events of his life. Drawing on interviews as well as video-tapes of lectures and workshops, the program brings to life both the man and his work. 1 videocassette (57 min.)

MEDIA 2-1585


Hildegard of Bingen 1989

Jack Hanick and Linda Hanick

Discusses the life of Hildegard of Bingen and her contribution to her time. She was an abbess, spiritual counselor, physician, theologian, writer, reformer, preacher, and composer who lived in twelfth century Germany and through her writing, preaching, and actions, confronted the major religious and political issues of her day. 1 videocassette (60 min.)



Hopi, songs of the fourth world 1983

Pat Ferrero and Ronnie Gilbert

An in-depth look at the meaning of the Hopi way, a philosophy of living in balance with nature. Describes the Hopi philosophy of life, death, and renewal as revealed in the interweaving life cycle of humans and corn plants. 1 videocassette (58 min.)

MEDIA 2-1280


An Interview with David Bohm 1994

Noel Fox, David Bohm, and Tor Nørretranders

Bohm, one of the world's greatest quantum physicists and philosophers of science, discusses his groundbreaking theory of wholeness and the implicate order in which he proposes a new model of reality that is a revolutionary challenge to physics.  He saw the universe as an undivided wholeness enfolded into an infinite background source that unfolds into the visible, material, and temporal world of our everyday lives. 1 videocassette (52 min.)

DANA 555


[Introduction to the mechanical universe] ; The law of falling bodies 1985

David L Goodstein and Aaron Fletcher

This preview enters an Aristotelian world in conflict, introduces the ideas of Copernicus through Newton, and links the physics of the heavens to that of the earth. 1 videocassette (60 min.)

MEDIA 2-430


Islam, faith and nations 1983

Fereidun Jorjani, Folco Quilici, André Miquel, and Sam Gray

This brilliantly produced film takes us on a journey through the Story of Islam, from its humble beginnings 1300 years ago, to its place in the world today.  We are introduced to the culture; philosophy, and staples of this way of life which is rapidly being embraced by so many in the west.  If you are not familiar with principles of Islam, you will be surprised to learn of the amazing similarities between Muslim, Christian, and Judaic faiths. 1 videocassette (120 min.)

MEDIA  DANA 2-1411    1120


Jainism ascetics and warriors 2000

Felix Tusell, Mercedes S Rau, and Ricardo Franco

Abutting the border of Pakistan, the state of Rajasthan is the home of the Jains. This program profiles Jainism, which espouses salvation by conquering material existence through stict ascetic discipline. The imperative detachment from worldly existence necessary for liberation is explained, as is ahimsa, the doctrine of non-injury to any living thing. 1 videocassette (51 min.)

MEDIA 2-5806


Language & mind 1997

Noam Chomsky and Robert DiNozzi

Noam Chomsky, noted professor of linguistics, presents a 50-minute lecture on the nature of language, the acquisition of language, the study of language and the inner complex mechanisms of the mind and brain. 1 videocassette (71 minutes)

DANA 1727


Man and the state the trial of Socrates 1982

Bernard Wilets

A dramatization of the trial and execution of Socrates. Shows ancient Athenian judicial procedures and poses questions about the right of the state to suppress "disruptive" individuals. 1 videocassette (30 min.)

MEDIA 2-3134


Manufacturing consent Noam Chomsky and the media 1992

Mark Achbar, Peter Wintonick, Adam Symansky, and Noam Chomsky

Explores the political life and times of the controversial author, linquist and radical philosopher, Noam Chomsky. Highlighting his analysis of media, Chomsky focuses on democratic societies where populations not disciplined by force are subject to more subtle forms of ideological control. 2 videocassettes (167 min.)

DANA. DANA. DANA. DANA. MEDIA. MEDIA 451 cassette 1 451 cassette 1 451 cassette 2 451 cassette 2 2-2338 cassette 1 2-2339 cassette 2


Moving in circles ; Fundamental forces  1985

David L Goodstein and Aaron Fletcher

According to Plato, stars are heavenly beings that orbit the earth with uniform perfection - uniform speed and perfect circles. 1 videocassette (60 min.)

MEDIA 2-434


Nightwalk a collective work 1997

Merrill Brockway, Joseph Chaikin, Sam Shepard, Megan Terry, and Jean Claude IVan Itallie

"The Open Theater group in ... its last performance before disbanding. Nightwalk is a collective theater work, the creation of writers Jean-Claude van Itallie, Sam Shepard, Megan Terry, and Open Theater director Joseph Chaikin, as well as the actors.  It is a montage of surreal situations that examine the human condition in worlds both real and fantastic, presenting exagerrations of human pretensions.  Human and birdlike creatures weave in and out.  The 'plot' is a journey, liberated from conventional thought."--Container. 1 videocassette (55 in.)

DANA 1898


Piaget's developmental theory formal reasoning patterns 1976

Jean Piaget

Demonstrates the differences between concrete and formal levels of thought, as described by Jean Piaget. Various experiments involving proportional reasoning, combinatorial logic, and separation of variables are performed with secondary school students at the concrete, transitional and formal stages of development. 1 videocassette (32 min.)

DANA. MEDIA 1590 2-1647


Power and terror Noam Chomsky in our times 2002

Noam Chomsky, John Junkerman, and Tetsujiro Yamagami

After the terrorist attacks of September 11, this documentary presents the latest in Noam Chomsky's thinking, through a lengthy interview and a series of public talks that he gave in New York and California during the spring of 2002. 1 videocassette (74 min.)

MEDIA 2-6144


The Psychomachia by Prudentius the battle of the human soul 199-

Malcolm Cobley, A. G Rigg, and Prudentius

The Psychomachia was written by the 4th century Spanish-Latin writer Prudentius, and is one of the first full personification allegories of Western literature.  It deals with the medieval belief of the personification of man's virtues and sins.  In this film it is retold in pictures from the eleventh century Anglo-Saxon manuscript Cotton Cleopatra C.VIII, now in the British Museum Library. 1 videocassette (22 min.)

MEDIA 2-5722


Philosophy Cont'd

Respectful prostitute 1988

Jean Paul Sartre, Georges Agiman, Charles Brabant, Marcel Pagliero, Barbara Laage, Ivan Desny, Walter Bryant, and Marcel Herrand

Jean-Paul Sartre's sensitive and compelling look at racial prejudice in the Deep South.  When a black man is shot by a senator's nephew, a prostitute, who witnessed the crime, is talked into testifying that the murder was committed in defense of an assault made against her by the deceased.  Ethics versus politics as an ultimately honest show of integrity. 1 videocassette (75 min.)

MEDIA 2-1598


The Saint and the scholar 1998

Christopher Frayling, Christopher Salt, Luke Williams, Aidan McCann, and Karen Hayes

Rapid change in 12th century Europe from rural to urban styles led to an intellectual crisis of how best to come to God: through mysticism or rational analysis. At the center of this crisis stood Peter Abelard, radical philosopher-theologian and developer of dialectial scholasticism, and Bernard of Clairvaux, Cistercian monk and mystic. The conflict between them caused Abelard to be accused of heresy by the Council of Sens in 1142. 1 videocassette (49 min.)

MEDIA 2-1775


Shoot for the contents 1991

Kathleen Beeler, Dewi Yee, Ying Lee-Kelly, Jean-Paul Bourdier, T. Minh-Ha Trinh, Tian Wu Ming, Mayfair Yang, and Clairmonte Moore

Ponders questions of power and change, politics and culture, as refracted by Tienanmen Square events, and offers at the same time an inquiry into the creative process of filmmaking, intricately layering Chinese popular songs and classical music, the sayings of Mao and Confucius, women's voices and the words of artists, philosophers and the cultural workers. 1 videococassette (101 min.)

MEDIA 2-3094


Simone de Beauvoir 1989

Josée Dayan, Malka Robowska, and Simone de Beauvoir

A unique opportunity to get to know de Beauvoir as she speaks candidly about her relatioship with Sartre, her friendship with Camus, the evolution of her political views, her sympathy with the student revolution of 1968, as well as her views on feminism, abortion, sexual fidelity, aging, and death. 1 videocassette (110 min.)

MEDIA 2-843


Singer a dangerous mind 2004, c2003

Margie Bryant, David Roach, Terry Carlyon, Robert Menzies, Film Finance Corporation (Australia), Serendipity Productions, Australian Film Commission, British Broadcasting Corporation, and ABC News

"Dr. Peter Singer has been called the most influential living philosopher. He has also been called a monster. In this thought-provoking program, he faces his critics and discusses his ideas on euthanasia, abortion, and infanticide. The program follows his worldwide tour of lectures and encounters, including case conferences and a trip to Austria, where most of his family was killed in the Holocaust. A range of commentators consider his utilitarian stance and its impact on public policy"--Container. 1 videodisc (56 min.)

MEDIA 10-286


La Sociologie est un sport de combat Sociology is a martial art 2001

Pierre Bourdieu, Pierre Carles, Véronique Frégosi, and Annie Gonzalez

Documentary on influential sociologist Pierre Bourdieu; uses interviews, lectures, and discussions to illustrate his theories of culture. 1 videocassette (140 min.)

MEDIA 2-5903


Solzhenitsyn's children -- are making a lot of noise in Paris 1978

Michael Rubbo and Marrin Canell

A somewhat unconventional look at a serious subject -- an intellectual political movement in France that may alter the face of Communism in Europe. 1 videocassette (ca. 88 min.)

MEDIA 2-6153


Sound, music, and the environment 1998

Fritz Weaver, Steven Fischler, Joel Sucher, Martin D Toub, Diane U Eisenberg, and Dorothea E Hast

"What do different cultures mean by music? This program explores the definition of music from the sine wave to poetic metaphor, and the impact of the cultural environment on musics as different as Bosnian ganga and becarac singing; Tuvan throat singing; Irish, West African, Trinidadian, and Japanese musics, and Western chamber music, jazz, and rock."--Faculty manual. 1 videocassette (30 min.)

MEDIA 2-3646


Stephen Hawking's universe 1997

S. W Hawking, David Filkin, and Frank Langella

v.1. Seeing is believing --v.2. The big bang -- v.3. Cosmic alchemy -- v.4. On the dark side -- v.5. Black holes and beyond -- v.6. An answer to everythingThe latest advances in cosmological thought presented by one of today's most renowned scientists. 6 videocassettes (360 min.)

DANA. DANA. DANA. DANA. DANA. DANA 1018 cassette 1 1018 cassette 2 1018 cassette 3 1018 cassette 4 1018 cassette 5 1018 cassette 6


Steven Weinberg 1989

Steven Weinberg, Kate Roth Knull, and Bill D Moyers

This episode features Steven Weinberg, professor of physics and astronomy, and Nobel Prize winner for his theories about the basic forces that govern the universe.  Weinberg starts off the interview with the intriguing question "Why is there something instead of nothing?"  The discussion leads to a brief explanation of scientific inquiry and its close relationship to everyday living. 1 videocassette (30 min.)

MEDIA 2-1143


Sur la terre comme au ciel = Between heaven and earth 1994

Marrion Hansel, Carmen Maura, Jean-Pierre Cassel, Didier Bezace, and Samuel Mussen

A pregnant woman tries to convince her unborn child that life on earth is worth living. 1 videocassette (80 min.)

MEDIA 2-2641


Susanne Simonin, la religieuse The Nun  1990

Denis Diderot, Jean Gurault, Jacques Rivette, Georges de Beauregard, Anna Karina, Liselotte Pulver, Micheline Presle, and Christine Lenier

Freely adapted from Diderot's classic 18th century novel, the film tells the story of a 16-year-old girl compelled by her mother to enter a convent.  Convinced by the mother superior, the girl accepts her vows, but soon meets with harsh rigor and abuse when the kindly superior is followed by a cruel successor.  Her desperate attempts at freedom land her first in another convent and finally, tragically, in the outside world. 1 videocassette (155 min.)

MEDIA 2-2789


Their future in your hands 1992

Mark Gold and Carol Royle

The film shows how animals are often mistreated by humans when raised and killed for food, used for animal testing, housed in zoos, hunted, and when their natural habitat is destroyed. It asks that people show respect and compassion for all animals. 1 videocassette (13 min.)

MEDIA 2-1463


Thucydides, The Peloponnesian War, and, Plato, Alcibiades I 1993, 1991

Thucydides, Plato, Jack Gold, John Barton, Alec McCowen, John Bennett, Ben Kingsley, Michael Kitchen, Ronald Pickup, John Rowe, and Clive Swift

A film anatomy and analysis of the 27-year Peloponnesian War between Athens and Sparta. 1 videocassette (72 min.)

MEDIA 2-2257


Truth on trial 1989, 1988

David Deutsch

Is an attorney's first obligation to the court, the client, the public? Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, Judge Robert Merhige, attorneys Floyd Abrams and Stanley Chesley, philosopher John Smith, and others debate civil litigation's ethical dilemmas. 1 videocassette (60 min.)

DANA 135


Tu Wei Ming a Confucian life in America 1994

Bill D Moyers and Wei-ming Tu

Tu Wei-ming, a scholar of Chinese intellectual history who left China at age twenty-two to study at Harvard University, discusses the relevance of Confucian philosophy to our times and talks about the recent student movement in China. 1 videocassette (28 min.)

MEDIA 2-3003


Understanding 1991

David Kennard, Patrick Lui, Anthony Quayle , and Mike Chinoy

For thousands of years, the Chinese have kept detailed records of personal observations on natural phenomenon--such as earthquakes--that provide details on the Earth's energy. Today lasers, fusion reactors and nuclear bombs reflect a new respect for Western science. 1 videocassette (29 min.)

MEDIA 2-2334


A Union of opposites ; New directions 1989

Philip G Zimbardo

Program 25 uses the yin-yang model of complementary opposites to aid in an understanding of basic principles thought to govern human nature and animal behavior. Program 26 features prominent psychologists who discuss new directions in research and theory in the field of psychology and possible applications. They also discuss how psychology can contribute to the quality of human life. 1 videocassette (60 min.)

MEDIA 2-1669


Western philosophy  2002

Trevor Green, Audrey Healy, Trevor Nichols, and Malcolm Seymour

Explores the root of ancient philosophy and religious thought. 3 videocassettes (50 min. each)

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The Western tradition: Greece 1989

Eugen Joseph Weber, Art Cohen, Carol Greenwald, Andrew Jablon, Karen Silverstein, and Harlan Reiniger

Program 5.  The rise of Greek civilization -- program 6.  Greek  thought -- program 7.  Alexander the Great -- program 8.  The Hellenistic ageThe growth of Greek civilization and the strong connection between its philosophy and political institutions influenced the Western traditions.  The spread of Greek culture throughout the eastern Mediterranean world increased asa the successors of Alexander the Great established empires of their own. 1 videocassette (110 min.)

DANA. MEDIA 771 2-3147


Wittgenstein 1993

Tariq Ali, Derek Jarman, Karl Johnson, Michael Gough, Tilda Swinton, John Quentin, Kevin Collins, and Clancy Chassay

A surreal and fanciful biography of the Viennese philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein, who strove to define and teach insights on communication and the powers and limits of language. 1 videocassette (75 min.)

MEDIA 2-2873


The World of Buckminster Fuller 1995

R. Buckminster Fuller, Robert Snyder, and Baylis Glascock

Provides a look at the life, ideas and accomplishments of Buckminster Fuller, includings the geodesic dome and the Dymaxion house and car.  Footage of Fuller describing his life and ideas is blended with shots of him lecturing and with archival footage. 1 videocassette (85 min.)

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Philosophy - New This Year

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