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The Center for Urban Entrepreneurship & Economic Development: Entrepreneurship Pioneers Initiative: Company Research

Government Statistics

The number of establishments in each industry, broken down by size, may be found in County Business Patterns. Reports are organized by NAICS, the North American Industry Classification System. []

For small businesses run by the self-employed, refer to the Nonemployer Statistics for states, metro areas, and counties. []

Company Database

The ReferenceUSA database at JerseyClicks includes a directory of more than 15 million U.S. businesses. After clicking on ReferenceUSA, you will have to enter your local New Jersey public library card number. Use ReferenceUSA to find basic information about one company, or to find all companies in an industry or in a particular city. It will also provide information on employees, sales, product lines, parent/affiliate/subsidiary companies, and key personnel. []