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Writing Prompt

For this essay, you will choose to look at I Fall Asleep Standing Just Like That by Xu Lizhi or Eloghosa Osunde’s Rain, and write about it through an excerpt form Jenny Odell’s How to Do Nothing. Address the prompt below.

According to the definition/discussion of refusal offered by Odell, where, if anywhere, do you see refusal in Xu’s/Osunde's piece?

Take a stance on whether Xu's/Osunde's text speaks to a form of refusal. From there, you'll need to defend your response with multiple reasons and relevant supporting evidence from both texts (O'Dell and Xu/Osunde).

Although literary devices are not the main focus of this paper, remember to discuss how the author’s support their arguments while making your own. Your essay should:
- have a thoughtful title - propose a thesis - include an introduction, conclusion, and body paragraphs
- offer analysis and textual support - be double spaced - include citations (follow the MLA guidelines presented in Diana Hacker’s Pocket Style Manual)
- be 4-5 pages. Give yourself time to proof-read your essay. 


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