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Your Writing Prompt

Choose ONE of the following films:

  1. Black Panther - 2018
  2. Captain Marvel - 2019


Hollywood Needs Diversity Behind the Camera As Well by Tania Bhattacharya

Writing Prompt: Black Panther and Captain Marvel are unique within the history of Hollywood for several reasons. they are both directed by individuals who align with the communities that the films are focused on; Ryan Coogler, a Black man, directed a film about Black Characters and Anna Boden, a woman, co-directed a film about a woman superhero. These films are also significant in that they are the first films focused on and made by Black folks/women to make over a billion dollars. While these milestones would suggest a significant change in representation in front of and behind the camera, that change in representation has not come and, more importantly, there is a significant lack of change in who wields power in Hollywood. 

Tania Bhattacharya in her article argues: “Yet far too often, studios are still making hires to check boxes, without treating women and minorities on par with white male artists.” She also states “Representation begets representation, as repeatedly proven — a woman is more likely to hire other women for key jobs; ditto for people of colour or minorities. When there’s shrinking diversity behind the camera, to expect meaningfully improved representation of women and minorities in front of it is to be naïve.”

There is a disproportionate lack of representation in film in Hollywood both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. Bhattacharya’s article identifies the problem with this issue while celebrating films that get representation right. In your essay, argue whether or not Black Panther or Captain Marvel serve as models for the kind of representation that Bhattacharya argues is needed in Hollywood. Find an additional source to support your argument, and be sure to synthesize the sources rather than write about them separately.

In your essay be sure to use quotes from the article and examples of film elements (that we went over in class) from the film to support your argument.


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