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Qualitative Methods - Graduate Specialists

NVivo Overview

Welcome to the NVivo page! NVivo is a powerful software that supports qualitative and mixed methods research. This page provides information on the installation of NVivo, understanding NVivo editions, the key terms of NVivo, NVivo workshop information, as well as some useful resources for NVivo users.

Workshop Information

​NVivo workshops provided by the Rutgers New Brunswick Libraries:

  • Introduction to NVivo: This workshop focuses on qualitative methods and NVivo as software for analyzing qualitative data. It is an introductory workshop where participants will be provided with an overview of qualitative methods and learn basic NVivo skills, such as managing and organizing data, making mind maps, and getting acquainted with data coding.
  • Coding and queries in NVivo: This is a slightly more advanced workshop for the use of NVivo to code and analysis qualitative data. The workshop focuses on coding and uncoding data, as well as running queries. We will also cover the visualization of coded data and experiment with slightly nontraditional forms of data, such as visual images.
  • Location: Zoom

Find a workshop you are interested in and register!

Installation of NVivo

Rutgers has NVivo 12 available for both Mac and Windows. All faculty, staff, and students can use the program, and you need to log in with your Rutgers NetID. For those who prefer to use NVivo 11, you would have to purchase the license key.

  1. Go to Rutgers Software Portal at
  2. Log in with your NetID and Password
  3. Enter the search box in the top right corner "NVIVO"
  4. Download files are available under the "Downloads" tab at the bottom of the page
  5. Your activation code is a download file as well
  6. The license is time-specific based on the academic year

After expiry, you will need to download a new license from the Rutgers Software Portal site. Check back periodically for updated versions of NVivo in the Rutgers Software Portal.

NVIvo Key Terms

Sources are your research materials, such as documents, PDFs and charts. 

Coding is the process of collecting material by theme, case or topic. 

Nodes are containers for your coding that represent themes, topics, or other concepts. 

Cases are containers for your coding that represent your "units of observation". 

Case Classifications allow you to record information about cases. 

Understanding NVivo Editions

There are three editions of NVivo software: NVivo Starter, NVivo Pro, and NVivo Plus. Each edition features a different level of functionality to support a range of research needs. 

NVivo Starter has all the functionality you need to work with text-based material such as documents and PDFs. This version is best for new users and those only working with text. 

NVivo Pro and Plus can analyze all data types, including charts, diagrams and maps, and also support working as a team. For analyzing social media content, you can only use NVivo Plus. 

Short Videos on how to use NVivo

Here are some useful resources for using NVivo software: 

Explore NVivo 12 Pro for Windows:

Explore NVivo 12 Plus for Windows

Graduate Specialist Materials

If you do not have an opportunity to join us for the workshops, you can access recordings of our Graduate Specialist's presentations on NVivo for self-study.

Introduction to Qualitative Methods and NVivo

Link to the recording.

Link to the slides.

Coding and queries in NVivo

Link to the recording.

Rutgers - New Brunswick Libraries NVivo Cheat Sheet

Link to the pdf file.


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