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Finding People

Who owns that web site?

Evaluating Web Sites

Evaluation Criteria. Susan E. Beck. New Mexico State University Library. 2009.

Evaluating Web Pages: Questions to Consider. Cornell University Library.

Evaluating Web Pages: Techniques to Apply & Questions to Ask. UC Berkeley.

Principles for Evaluating Websites. Stephen Downes. July 16, 2005.

Search Engine Features

Recommended Search Engines. Comparison of Google, Yahoo, and Exalead features. UC Berkeley.

Search Engines

Probably the biggest; most people's favorite.
The number 2 search engine in terms of use. From Microsoft.
Smaller than the others, but great if you value your privacy--they don't track their users.
The old #2, they're now powered by Bing.
The French connection. Results tend to be very different from the others.
Powered by Google, but lets you modify and filter your results in a more visual way.