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Jazz: Introduction

I.J.S. Digital Exhibits

The staff of the I.J.S. has created several digital exhibits featuring rare, high-quality photographs, documentation of concerts held on the Rutgers-Newark campus, and images of musicians' instruments owned by the Institute, among other items. The 'Jazz Greats' series, linked-to below, serves as an excellent introduction to the life and work of four major artists in Jazz history and highlights related archival collections held by the I.J.S.; links to a few other digital exhibits follow.


The primary collection of Jazz-related materials at Rutgers is housed at The Institute of Jazz Studies. Founded in 1952 in New York by Marshall Stearns, the I.J.S. moved to Rutgers-Newark in 1967. Its current location in the John Cotton Dana Library, the main library of the Newark campus, opened in 1994.

The I.J.S. is the largest library and archive in the world of materials related to Jazz music, with a collection ranging across media--books and periodicals, oral histories, musical instruments, scores, films and photographs, personal correspondence, rare recordings, and business records, among other items.

This Jazz research guide, updated under the direction of Vincent Pelote, intends to direct listeners, both new and experienced, to useful and authoritative sources of information available to I.J.S. and Rutgers users. As a research archive, the I.J.S. is open to those specifically making use of the materials held there. Books in the I.J.S. library do not circulate. Those mentioned in this guide that are held by other Rutgers libraries are available to be checked out if they are not in Reference sections as indicated by the "REF" tag.  These libraries, referred to in brackets on the following pages, are as follows:

  • Archibald S. Alexander Library
  • John Cotton Dana Library
  • Blance and Irving Laurie Music Library, within the Mabel Smith Douglass Library
  • Carr Library
  • Paul Robeson Library.

Those seeking an introduction to the research and writing on Jazz music can attend the I.J.S. Jazz Research Roundtable events, held four or five times monthly each semester, in the Dana Room on the fourth floor of the Dana library.

Jazz Librarian