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Kapp - Spring 2019: Themes

Themes for Paper #3


"The Birthmark," Nathaniel Hawthorne
"A Useless Beauty" Guy de Maupassant
"The Beauty Myth" Naomi Wolf (non-fiction)
"Scenes from the Exhibitionists," Kay S. Hymowitz (non-fiction)
"What Does a Woman Need to Know," Adrienne Rich (non-fiction)

women - beauty - ideals of 

women and perfectionism

beauty and oppression

women - control - bodies

perfection in nature

beauty and power

"Never Let Me Go," Themes for Your Writing

  • Conformity
  • Dehumanization
  • Feminist/women's issues
  • Identity Crisis
  • Medical ethics
  • Memory and Nostalgia
  • Personal Identity / Identity Crisis
  • The psychology of groups and social hierarchies
  • The role of art in education 
  • Sexuality

Isolated Communities *

The characters in Never Let Me Go live and grow up in a self-contained community that is isolated from the larger society.

This isolation is one of the book's significant themes.  You might think about groups of people in our own society that live in various degrees of isolation, whether by choice or not:  

  • Religious groups that isolate themselves by choice, through geography or religious observance
  • Monastic communities
  • Certain orthodox Jewish groups
  • Historical groups such as the Shakers, 
  • Communes, utopian communities, ecovillages, and other intentional communities
  • Groups that are involuntarily isolated:  prisons, reform schools, mental hospitals, orphanages

With thanks to Roberta Tipton

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