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American History Research Guide: Women


See also the Library Guide for Women's and Gender Studies.

The ABC-CLIO Companion to Women in the Workplace
Camden, Douglass, and Carr Reference: HD6095.S34 1993

Affirmative action: A Reference Handbook
Camden Reference: HF5549.5.A34E39 1999
Alexander Stacks: HF5549.5.A34E39 1999

The ABC-CLIO Companion to Women's Progress in America
Douglass and Carr Reference: HQ1410.F76 1994

American Women: A Library of Congress Guide for the Study of Women's History and Culture in the United States
Alexander Government Documents Reference: HQ1410.A44 2001
Douglass and Dana (Newark) Reference: HQ1410.A44 2001

American Women Civil Rights Activists: Biobibliographies of 68 Leaders, 1825-1992
Camden Stacks: JC599.U5H273 1993
Carr Reference: JC599.U5H273 1993

American Women in Sport, 1887-1987: a 100-year Chronology
Alexander and Camden Stacks: GV583.A64 1989
Douglass and Dana (Newark) Reference: GV583.A64 1989

American Women's History
Douglass Reference: HQ1115.W4 1994

American Women's Magazines: An Annotated Historical Guide
Douglass and Carr Reference: PN4879.H96 1989

The Book of Women's Firsts: Break-Through Achievements of almost 1,000 American Women
Douglass Reference: CT3260.R428 1992

The Columbia Documentary History of American Women
Douglass Reference: HQ1420.C65 2003

The Columbia Guide to American Women in the Nineteenth Century
Camden and Douglass Reference: HQ1418.C58 2000

A Companion to American Women's History
Alexander, Camden, and Douglass Reference: HQ1410.C63 2002

Encyclopedia of Women in American History (3 vols.)
Alexander Reference: HQ1410.E53 2001

Encyclopedia of Women in American Politics
Alexander, Camden, and Carr Reference: HQ1236.5.U6E53 1999

Encyclopedia of Women's History in America
Douglass and Dana Reference: HQ1410.C85 2000

Encyclopedia of American Women in Business: from Colonial Times to the Present (2 vols.)
Carr Reference: HD6054.4.U6K753

Encyclopedia of Women in American History (3 vols.)
Alexander Reference: HQ1410.E53 2001

Encyclopedia of Women in American Politics
Alexander, Camden, Carr Reference: HQ1236.5.U6E53 1999

The Encyclopedia of Women's History in America
Douglass and Dana (Newark) Reference: HQ1410.C85

Great Lives from History: American Women Series (5 vols.)
Douglass Reference: HQ1412.G74 1995

Handbook of American Women's History
Alexander, Douglass, Camden, Carr, and Dana (Newark) Reference HQ1410.H36

The History of American Women's Voluntary Organizations, 1810-1960: A Guide to Sources
Alexander and Douglass Reference: Z7964.U49B53 1989

A History of Women in the United States: State-by-State Reference (4 vols.)
Alexander and Douglass Reference: HQ1410.H58 2004

Jewish Women in America: An Historical Encyclopedia (2 vols.)
Alexander, Douglass, Camden, and Dana (Newark) Reference: DS115.2.J49 1997

Milestones: A Chronology of American Women's History
Douglass and Camden Reference: HQ1410.W434 1997

Notable American Women, 1607-1950 (3vols.)
Alexander, Camden, Dana (Newark), Douglass, Carr Reference: CT3260.N57

Outstanding Women Athletes: Who They are and How They Influenced Sports in America
Douglass and Dana (Newark) Reference: GV697.A1W69 1992

The Reader's Companion to U.S. Women's History
Camden and Douglass Reference: HQ1410.R43 1998

The Routledge Historical Atlas of Women in America
Douglass Reference: HQ1410.P68 2000

Sources on the History of Women's Magazines, 1792-1960: An Annotated Bibliography
Douglass Reference: PN4879.Z83 1991

Timelines of American Women's History
Douglass Reference: HQ1410.H45 1996

United States Government Documents on Women, 1800-1990: A Comprehensive Bibliography (2 vols.)
Alexander, Camden, Douglass, SMLR, and Dana (Newark) Reference: HQ1410.H85 1993

What American Women Did, 1789-1920: A Year-by-year Reference
Camden Reference: HQ1154.C665 2001
Douglass Stacks: HQ1154.C665 2001

Women and Feminism in American History: A Guide to Information Sources
Douglass and Dana (Newark) Reference: HQ1410.T52 1981

Women and the Law: Leaders, Cases, and Documents
Douglass Reference: KF478.K84 2003

Women and the National Experience: Primary Sources in American History
Douglass Reference: HQ1410.W644 1996

Women during the Civil War: An Encyclopedia
Alexander and Douglass Reference: E628.H37 2004

Women, Health, and Medicine in America: a Historical Handbook
Douglass and LSM Reference: RA564.85.W664 1990

Women in Popular Culture: A Reference Guide
Douglass and Dana (Newark) Reference: HQ1426.F685
Alexander, Camden, and Carr Sacks: HQ1426.F685

Women in the United States Military, 1901-1995: A Research Guide and Annotated Bibliography
Camden and Douglass Reference: UB418.W65F75 1996

Women Patriots of the American Revolution: A Biographical Dictionary
Douglass Reference: E276.C5 1991

Women Religious History Sources: A Guide to Repositories in the United States
Douglass Reference: BX4220.U6W65 1983

Women's History Sources: A Guide to Archives and Manuscript Collections in the United States (2 vols.)
Alexander, Douglass, Carr, and Dana (Newark) Reference: Z7964.U49W64

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