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American History Research Guide: Law, Politics, and Government

Law, Politics, and Government

America at the Polls: A Handbook of American Presidential Election Statistics
Alexander and Douglass Reference: JK524.A73 1994

American Presidential Campaigns and Elections (3 vols.)
Carr Reference: JK1965.A57 2003

The American Presidents
Alexander Reference: E761.1.A6566 2000

American State Governors, 1776-1976 (3 vols.)
Alexander Reference: JK2447.K35

Encyclopedia of American Political History
Camden Reference: E183.E48 2001

Encyclopedia of American Political History: Studies (3 vols.) of the Principal Movements and Ideas
Alexander, Camden, Carr, and Dana (Newark) Reference: E183.E5 1984

Encyclopedia of Presidential Campaigns, Slogans, Issues, and Platforms
Alexander Reference: E176.1.R6 2004

Encyclopedia of the United States Cabinet (3 vols.)
Carr Reference: E176.G89 2000

Encyclopedia of Third Parties in America (3 vols.)
Alexander and Camden Reference: JK2261.E474 2000

Encyclopedia of Women in American Politics
Alexander, Camden, and Carr Reference: HQ1236.5.U6E53 1999

Facts about the Congress
Alexander Reference: JK1021.C48 1996

Facts about the Presidents
Alexander Reference: E176.1.K3 2001

The Founders' Constitution (5 vols.)
Alexander, Camden, and Dana (Newark) Reference: KF4502.F68 1987

Freedom's Lawmakers: A Directory of Black Officeholders during Reconstruction
Alexander Reference: E185.96.F64 1996

Gubernatorial Elections, 1787-1997
Alexander and Camden Stacks: JK2447.G76 1998

Guide to Manuscripts in the Presidential Libraries
Alexander, Camden, and Dana (Newark) Reference: CD3029.82.B87 1985

Guide to U.S. Elections
Alexander, Camden, Douglass, Carr, Dana (Newark) Reference: JK1967 .C662

Historic Documents on Presidential Elections 1787-1988
Alexander Reference: JK1965.H56 1991

Historic Documents on the Presidency, 1776-1989
Dana (Newark) Reference: JK511.H57 1989

Historic U.S. Court Cases, 1690-1990: An Encyclopedia
Camden Reference: KF385.A4J64 1992
Douglass Stacks: KF385.A4J64 1992

The Historical Atlas of Political Parties in the United States Congress, 1789-1989
Alexander, Camden, and Dana (Newark) Reference: G1201.F9M25 1989

Historical Dictionary of United States Political Parties
Alexander Reference: JK2261.B345 2000

Justices of the United States Supreme Court (5 vols.)
Alexander, Camden, and Dana (Newark) Reference: KF8744.F75

Media and Politics in America: A Reference Handbook
Camden Reference: P95.82.U6S74 2003
Alexander Stacks: P95.82.U6S74 2003

National Party Conventions, 1831-1996
Alexander Reference: JK2255.N377 1997
Camden and Dana (Newark) Stacks: JK2255.N377 1997

Origins and Development of Congress
Dana (Newark) Reference: JK1021.O74 1982
Camden Stacks: JK1021.O74 1982

Party Leaders in Congress, 1789-2002: Vital Statistics and Biographical Sketches
Alexander Reference: JK1041.P37 2002

Presidential Also-rans and Running Mates, 1788 through 1996
Alexander, Douglass, Carr, and Dana (Newark) Reference: E175.1.S695 1998

The Presidents: A Reference History
Alexander, Camden, and Dana (Newark) reference: E176.1.P918 1996

The Presidents, First Ladies, and Vice Presidents: White House Biographies, 1789-1997
Alexander, Camden, and Dana (Newark) Reference: E176.1.D548 1997

The Reader's Companion to the American Presidency
Alexander Reference: E176.1.R295 2000
Camden Stacks: E176.1.R295 2000

A Reference Guide to the United States Supreme Court
Dana (Newark) Reference: KF8742.R45 1986

The Supreme Court Justices: Illustrated Biographies, 1789-1995
Alexander and Dana (Newark) Reference: KF8744.S86 1995
Camden Stacks: KF8744.S86 1995

U.S. Presidential Candidates and the Elections: A Biographical and Historical Guide (2 vols.)
Alexander Reference: JK528.H38 1996

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