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British History Research Guide: Bibliographies


Bibliography of English History to 1485: Based on the Sources and Literature of English History from the Earliest Times to about 1485
Alexander, Camden, Dana (Newark), Douglass Reference: Z2017.B5 Alexander Stacks: Z2017.B5

Bibliography of British History, 1914-1989
Alexander Reference: Z2020.R63 1996

Bibliography of the History of Wales
Alexander reference: Z2081.W229

Bibliotheca Bibliographica Britannica, or. Biographies in British History; A Manual of Bibliographies of Bibliography, and of Bibliographies (7 vols.)
Alexander Reference: Z2016.B45

British Military History: A Supplement to Robin Higham's Guide to the Sources
Dana (Newark) Reference: DA50.H54 1971 suppl.

British Periodical & Newspapers, 1789-1832: A Bibliography of Secondary Sources
Alexander, Camden, Dana (Newark) Reference: Z6956.G6W37 Alexander Stacks: Z6956.G6W37

British Women's History: A Bibliographical Guide
Alexander, Camden, and Douglass Reference: HQ1593.H36 1996

Great Britain: A Reference Guide from the Renaissance to the Present
Alexander Reference: Z2016.T66 2003

Guide to the Sources of British Military History
Alexander and and Camden Reference: Z2021.M5H54 Dana (Newark) Reference: DA50.H54 1971 Alexander Stacks: Z2021.M5H54

History: A Reference Handbook
Alexander Reference: Z2016.D38 1977

Kings of Medieval England, c. 560-1485: A Survey and Research Guide
Alexander Reference: Z2021.K55U85 1996

Local Record Sources in Print and in Progress, 1971-1972
Alexander Reference: Z2023.Y68

Manuscript Sources for the History of Irish Civilization (11 vols.)
Alexander Reference: Z2041.D45

Medieval Cartularies of Great Britain: a Short Catalogue
Alexander Reference: Z2018.D37

Parliament of Great Britain: A Bibliography
Alexander and Dana (Newark) Reference: JN508.G57 1983

Reader's Guide to British History (2 vols.)
Alexander and Camden Reference: DA34.R43 2003

Restoration England, 1660-1689
Alexander, Camden, and Douglass Reference: Z2018.S3

Romano-British Bibliography, 55 B.C.- A.D. 449 (2 vols.)
Alexander Reference: Z2017.B65

Royal Historical Society Bibliography on CD-ROM: The History of Britain, Ireland, and the British Overseas [works publised 1901-1992]
Permanently installed in Alexander reference room- ask at reference desk. Guide at Alexander Reference: Z2002.R69 1998.

Select Bibliography for the Study, Sources, and Literature of English Medieval Economic History
Alexander Reference: Z2018.H23 1960

Sources for English Local History
Alexander Reference: Z2023.S8 1981

Texts and Calendars: An Analytical Guide to Serial Publications
Alexander Reference: Z2016.M8

Tudor England, 1485-1603
Alexander, Camden, and Douglass Reference: Z2017.5.L4

Women, 1870-1928: A Select Guide to Printed and Archival Sources in the United Kingdom
Alexander and Douglass Reference: HQ1595.B37 1981

Women in English Social History, 1800-1914 (3 vols.)
Alexander Reference: Z7964.G7K36 1987 Douglass Reference: HQ1593.K36 1987 (vols. 1-2) Douglass Stacks: HQ1593.K36 1987 (vols. 1-2)

Women and the British Empire: An Annotated Guide to Sources
Alexander, Dana (Newark), and Douglass Reference: Z7964.G7B34 1983 Douglass Stacks: Z7964.G7B34 1983

Women in Ireland: An Annotated Bibliography
Alexander, Dana (Newark), and Douglass Reference: Z7964.I73B7 1988

Writings on British History [annual: 1901-1974]
Alexander and Dana (Newark) Reference: DA30.W74 Douglass Reference: Z2016.R88 Alexander Stacks and SOC: Z2016.W74

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