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Focusing On: Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale: Finding Scholarly Articles

Why can't I just google it?

You could, but
1. You wouldn't find most of the relevant scholarly resources that you have available to you as a result of being a Rutgers student and
2. You would need to take time to evaluate what you do find to determine if is something that you can use in an academic paper.

See this brief tutorial on Evaluating Web Sites

Full Text Not Attached?

Not all databases have all the articles they cite available in full text. Use the button that's in the database article record to have the system search Rutgers subscriptions for the full-text article.

Article Not Available/Only Available in Print?

If the Rutgers Libraries don't have the article (don't subscribe to the journal/don't have that issue), or only have a copy in print format, you can use Interlibrary Loan and Article Delivery Services to request electronic delivery of the article. If you're linking from one of our databases, we'll even automatically fill you the form for you!

What makes something scholarly?

Unlike "popular" journal literature, which is written by journalists who cover events and people of interest to the general public or to the particular group that they represent, scholarly literature is written by people with expertise in a particular subject. These experts usually have academic credentials (advanced degrees in a particular area) and the articles are often published in "peer-reviewed" (reviewed by experts in the field) journals.

Indexes and Databases

Academic Search Premier
The basic multidisciplinary undergraduate database. Will output references in MLA format. Rutgers-restricted Access.
ProQuest Social Sciences Premium Collection
Index to over 10,000 social science titles, including journal articles, books, dissertations, proceedings, and government publications; full-text access to over 1800 journals. International and interdisciplinary in scope. Rutgers-restricted Access
Women's Studies International
1972- Women's Studies International is the most comprehensive index to women's studies resources. Incorporates citations from Women Studies Abstracts, Women's Studies Bibliography Database, and the Women's Studies Database, among others. Rutgers-restricted Access.
Indexes academic, radical, community and independent presses focusing on topics of women and gender, including gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues. 1970-

Looking for articles that specifically focus on literature?

Literature Resource Center
A full-text database of literary resources including biographical material, essays, articles, and excerpts from larger works. Searchable by author, title, genre, literary movement, and theme. A good place to start your research! Rutgers-restricted Access.
MLA International Bibliography 1926-
The premier index to articles, books, and dissertations on literature, language, linguistics, folklore, and film. Rutgers-restricted Access

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