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Twentieth Century World History: Africa


Africa Country Maps
From the African Studies Center at the University of Pennsylvania.


New Encyclopedia of Africa. "Addresses the entire history of African cultures from the pharaohs and the ancient civilizations of the south through the colonial era to the emergence of 53 independent countries, some of them newly emergent in world commerce and others deep in conflict. Covers issues facing the continent such as global development, the AIDS crisis, and international terrorism." Rutgers-restricted Access

Regional Studies: Africa


Search across 30 databases providing access to multi-disciplinary information on Africa. Indexes books, journals, newspapers, government publications, and popular magazines. Rutgers-restricted Access

Bibliography of Africana Periodical Literature Database
Index to over 222,000 articles from 521 journals that specialize in African Studies or consistently cover the African continent. Journals indexed in their entirety.

Internet History Sourcebook

Internet African History Sourcebook: Modern Africa
A collection of public domain and copy-permitted historical texts (primary documents).