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Housing Economics and Markets (34:970:528): Finding Articles

Resources for Professor Kathe Newman's class, Spring 2016

Database Search Tips

  • OR broadens  the search; use it to combine synonyms or related terms: urban or inner cities
  • AND narrows the search; use it to combine your concepts: subprime and urban policy
  • The * asterik  directs the database search engine to search for the root word and any ending, e.g., finan*, finance, financial, etc.
  • Searching for an exact phrase-use "" quotation marks, e.g., "housing market"
  • Look at the subject headings on the full record for an on-target item-these can help you generate new keywords, concepts, etc.
  • Finding too many articles on a topic?  Try searching for your keywords in the Title field of the item record.
  • Found an excellent article on your research question?  Make sure you check the references to find more relevant articles...citation chaining!

Major Planning and Public Policy Databases

Multidisciplinary Databases

Newspaper Databases