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Open Alcohol Studies Resources: Bibliographies

This virtual toolkit and research guide was created specifically for the needs of participants of seminars and certificate programs hosted at the Center of Alcohol Studies, as well as other guest users.


The following bibliographies contain articles on a particular topic in alcohol studies. Results of searches in the Alcohol Studies Library, these lists serve as a starting point for further research. The documents are shared in RefWorks (RefShare). Rutgers users can retrieve the full text of these articles with the article delivery button. Other users please contact your local library for access.

Popular Topics

Alcohol and Crime (pdf, RefShare)
Alcohol and Genetics (pdf, RefShare)
Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) (pdf, RefShare)
Date Rape Drugs (pdf, RefShare)
Sexual Abuse and Addiction (pdf, RefShare)
Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (pdf, RefShare)
Underage Drinking (pdf, RefShare)


Prevention of Alcohol Problems (RefShare)
Relapse and Relapse Prevention (RefShare)
Young Adults and Brief Intervention (RefShare)


Family Therapy (RefShare)
Motivation in Addictions Treatment  (RefShare)
Treatment of Comorbid Disorders  (RefShare)
Treatment Outcome Studies (RefShare)

Social Aspects

Alcohol and Crime (RefShare)
Alcohol, Drugs, and Crime (RefShare)
Alcohol, Drugs, and Violence (RefShare)
Underage Drinking (RefShare)

Legal Aspect

Legal Aspects of Alcohol (RefShare)
Alcohol and Crime (RefShare)
Alcohol and Driving (pdf, RefShare)
Alcohol, Drugs, and Crime (pdf, RefShare)
Alcohol, Marijuana, and Driving (pdf, RefShare)
Marijuana and Driving (pdf, RefShare)
Standard Drink (pdf, RefShare)
Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (pdf, RefShare)

Biomedical Aspects

Alcohol and Genetics (RefShare)

Special Populations

Adolescents and Alcohol (RefShare)
African Americans and Alcohol (RefShare)
Elderly (RefShare)
Female Veterans and Substance Abuse (RefShare)
Hispanics and Alcohol Use (RefShare)
Homeless People (RefShare)
LGBT and Addiction (RefShare)
Military Veterans and Personnel (RefShare)
Underage Drinking (RefShare)
Young Adults and Brief Intervention (RefShare)

Specific Drugs

Date Rape Drugs (RefShare)
Methamphetamine (RefShare)