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Open Alcohol Studies Resources: Writing & Citing

This virtual toolkit and research guide was created specifically for the needs of participants of seminars and certificate programs hosted at the Center of Alcohol Studies, as well as other guest users.

Research 101

If it's been a while since you have had to do a research paper, you may find the's Student Resources a comfort. Written with high school students in mind, it offers a 'no-assumptions" guide to begining your work.  

Writing Style Guides

A number of online resources are available to help answer writing and style-related questions.

Identifying Citations

Citation Style Guides

These links will help you format your work in APA, MLA or other styles.  

Citation Management Software

Writing and citing get a lot easier when you use a Citation Management System!  If you or your colleagues don't use a bibliography or citation manager,  you may want to consider:

How to Import Citations

Use these step by step guides (and printable handouts) on how to import citations into your RefWorks or other CMS account.