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Violent Crime (50:202:325): Finding Articles

Spring 2015, Prof. Allen, ACC

Finding Articles

How to Find an Article:

1. Select which of the recommended databases you will begin with (listed below in recommended order). The best way to begin is to start out general before getting too specific, so start with a general database. Move onto a specific one if you are not finding what you need.

2. Enter your search term. See the searching tips box on this page.

3. Narrow down as needed; peer-reviewed, full-text, date, etc..

4. If you have TOO many articles, add filters. If you have TOO few, attempt a different search. If you have NO results, contact me.

5. If you are not finding what you need in these databases, you can look for others under Indexes and Databases.


Getting to the Article

We subscribe to thousands of journals, but not to all of the journals you may find cited in our electronic databases. In certain databases, full text is available via PDF or HTML links. However, in many of our databases you will need to select the button.  This is a program overlaid on our databases that tries to match the citation to the RUL holdings.

  • Ideally, when you the select thebutton, you will see a link to full text.
    • If you do not see a link to full text, click on the “Search the library’s catalog by title (or ISSN) link” which will take you to the record in the Library Catalog for the journal title if available in the Rutgers libraries. The Library Catalog record will note the availability of the journal online in the Electronic access line.   The Library Catalog also indicates whether the library system owns the periodical in paper or in other formats.  


    Searching Tips

    Searching Tips:

    Start out with general ideas/terms and then work on narrowing your search.

    Determine the correct SUBJECT heading for more specific searching. 

    Suggested Subject Headings: (mix and match)

    violent crimes



    victims of violent crimes

    violence and psychological aspects

    violence research

    collective behavior

    collective acation


    Let the Database help you!

    If you are not finding anything, or you are finding too much, change your search and ask for help.

    Looking for Empirical Studies? Check for these words: this study, control group, participants, sample, respondents, methodology.



    Current Events and News