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Social Welfare and Policy Services I (19:910:504): The Social Problem: History & Policy Response-Books

A research guide for SWPS1 assignments, Fall 2017


Here are resources that may help you determine your paper topic.

Featured Books


General Tips for Using the Library Catalog

  • Use AND to combine your concepts, e.g., child abuse and social policy
  • Use OR to combine synonyms, related terms, e.g., domestic violence or family violence
  • Use the * (asterik)  to search for the root word and any ending, e.g., parent* will retrieve parent, parents, parenthood, parenting.
  • Look at the subject headings on the full record for an item-these can help you generate new keywords, concepts, etc.
  • Try using the Advanced Search to combine keywords and subject headings, author and title, etc.

Specific Search Examples

Keyword searching-use Words anyword search (from pulldown menu)

  • social security and (policy or history)
  • homelessness and united states and history
  • homelessness and united states and social policy
  • mentally ill and care and united states and history
  • older people and government policy
  • poverty and government policy and united states

Subject heading search-use Subject begins with or Subject keyword search (from pulldown menu)

  • child  welfare united states history
  • social security united states history
  • veterans mental health services united states
  • adoption united states history
  • poverty government policy united states history

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