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English Composition: The Vagrants by Yiyun Li & Other Readings: English Literature Research

This course guide was created specifically for Instructor Megan Cummin's Spring 2014 ENG 102 class.


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(a) Searching for articles

searching for articles

(a) How do I request an article?

English Literature Research

Please see the boxes below for several databases in which you may search for literary criticism, as well as for topics related to English literature.

Literature Resource Center (LRC)

Literature Resource Center (LRC) is a full-text database covering more than 124,000 authors.  In addition to critical analysis of authors and their works, biographies and bibliographies are also included.


Search Tips:

1)  Consider searching by "Name of Work":

·         Agricola

·         The Vagrants

2)  Consider searching by "Person - By or About":

·         Wallace, David Foster

·         Tacitus

·         Diamond, Jared

·         Li, Yiyun

3)  Note that you can also combine different terms using the Advanced Search option, such as:

·         Orientation (Name of Work) AND Orozco (Person-By or About)

·         Agricola (Name of Work) AND Tacitus (Person-By or About)

·         The Vagrants (Name of Work) AND Li, Yiyun (Person-By or About)


MLA International Bibliography

MLA International Bibliography includes 2 million citations drawn from 4,400 journals and series and 1,000 book publishers.  It covers criticism and scholarship on literature from around the world.

Search Tips:

Depending on your topic, you may find searching by the following to be very helpful:

·         "David Foster Wallace"

·         Agricola AND Tacitus

·         Vagrants AND Li

·         heroism (SU Subjects-All)


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Bonnie Fong
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