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Training & Information Guide for the Mathematical Sciences & Physics Library: lV. EMERGENCY PROCEDURES

Guide to information for library staff only



Fire Alarm

When a fire alarm is activated, even if it’s a planned drill or false alarm, everyone must exit the building. You’re not required or advised to coax reluctant patrons to exit the building, nor is it your responsibility to walk through the library to be sure that everyone has exited the building. You should leave the library by the nearest emergency exit.

Upon discovery of a fire, activate an alarm by pulling the manual alarm box. This will sound the alarm bells throughout the building, automatically notifying Campus Police. If a supervisor or full time staff person is present, please alert them immediately to the location of the fire if possible. The party responsible for sounding the alarm should meet the Emergency Services Personnel at the main entrance to the building. This will save valuable time in assessing the nature and location of the problem.

Once safely out of the building, all staff should gather at a central location or your designated “safe spot” to have a head count. A “safe spot” location for each library has been established by Rutgers University Emergency Services. If you are not aware of your library’s “safe spot” please ask your supervisor. Do not attempt to go back into the building unless Emergency Services has cleared the building and allowed staff and patrons to re-enter.

Bomb Threat

If a bomb threat is called into the library, you must call RUPD immediately.  Do not pull the fire alarm. If a supervisor or full-time staff person is available please alert them to the situation.  Do not evacuate the building unless RUPD has instructed you to do so. If it is necessary to evacuate the building, please take all your personal belongings with you and go to your designated “safe spot”.

If a suspicious device or package is discovered or brought to your attention, please alert your supervisor or staff person immediately. If no staff person is available, you should contact RUPD to report the suspicious package.


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