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Art Library Research Guide: Dissertation Information

Visit this research guide for books, articles, images, websites, and other resources for your art and art history classes.

Rutgers Regulations for Art History Dissertations

Check out the dissertation page of the Rutgers Department of Art History web site for information on writing a dissertation: This site discusses dissertation requirements, information about dissertation committees and outside readers, dissertation research credit requirements, dissertation study groups, and defense of the dissertation.

College Art Association: US and Canadian PhD Dissertations

The College Art Association's US and Canadian PhD Dissertations Site gives you access to information about recent PhD dissertations, and how to submit your dissertation. Click on to browse published dissertations by subject to get their bibliographic info. This could be helpful for seeing what people have already written about.


Self-Portrait (1973) by Francis Bacon

Recent Rutgers Art History Dissertations


Contemporary Art

Barr, Adrian, "Archaeologies of the Avant-Garde: Moscow Conceptualism and the Legacy of Soviet Modernism" (Rutgers, J.Sharp)

Greek and Roman Art

Sare, Tuna, "Dress and Identity in Western Anatolian Art from the 6c to the 4c BCE" (Rutgers, J.Kenfield)


Milanovic, Ljubomir, "To Move a Body: Visual Representations of the Translation of Relics in the Middle Ages, The Case of St. Stephen" (Rutgers, A.St. Clair Harvey)

Nineteenth-Century Art

Quideau, Florence, "French Romantic Portraiture and Caricature on the July Monarchy, 1838-1848: A Study of the Sculpture of David d'Angers, Danton-Jeune, Daumier and Preault" (Rutgers, S.Sidlauskas)

Renaissance/Baroque Art

Boffa, David, "Artistic Identity Set in Stone: Sculptors' Signatures in Italy, c. 1250-1550" (Rutgres, S.McHam)

Streule, Wendy, "Objects of Desire: The Production & Consumption of Erotic Images in 17th C. Holland" Rutgers, M.Westermann)


Architectural History

Tice, Lisa Neal, “Recreation and Retreat: Garden Casini in Late Sixteenth- and Early Seventeenth-Century Rome” (Rutgers, T. Marder)

Arts of the United States

Atkins, Ashley, "Winslow Homer and Aestheticism in the United States" (Rutgers, S. Sidlauskas)

Gustafson, Donna, "At Home in the 60s: Images of the Home in American Art, 1960-1975" (Rutgers, J. Marter)

Contemporary Art

Filippone, Christine, "Science, Technology and Utopias in the Work of Contemporary Women Artists" (Rutgers, J. Marter)

Renaissance/Baroque Art

Benay, Erin, “The Pursuit of Truth and the Doubting Thomas in the Art of Early Modern Italy” (Rutgers, C. Puglisi)

Lloyd, Karen J., “Adopted Papal Kin as Art Patrons in Early Modern Rome (1592-1676)” (Rutgers, T. Marder)

Rawlings, Kandice, “Liminal Messages: The Cartellino in Italian Renaissance Painting” (Rutgers, S. McHam)

Tice, Lisa Neal, “Recreation and Retreat: Garden Casini in Late Sixteenth- and Early Seventeenth-Century Rome” (Rutgers, T. Marder)

Twentieth-Century Art

Filippone, Christine, "Science, Technology and Utopias in the Work of Contemporary Women Artists" (Rutgers, J. Marter)

Gustafson, Donna, "At Home in the Sixties: Images of the Home in American Art, 1960-1975" (Rutgers, J. Marter)


Greek and Roman Art

Grupico, Theresa, "The Influence of Urban Planning on Temple Design in West Greece" (Rutgers, J. Kenfield)

Renaissance/Baroque Art

Joseph R. Giuffre, “Design in Raphael’s Roman Workshop,” (McHam) Jan. 2008

Twentieth-Century Art

Bryzgel, Amy, “New Avant-Gardes in East-Central Europe and Russia, 1987-1999” (Rutgers, J. Sharp)

Rompilla, Denise, "From Hiroshima to the Hydrogen Bomb: American Artists Witness the Birth of the Atomic Age" (Rutgers, J. Marter)

Scott, Sascha, "Paintings of Pueblo Indians and the Politics of Preservation in the American Southwest" (Rutgers, J. Marter)


Art of the United States

Zarro, Jennifer, “Views of Philadelphia and the Culture of Geography, 1780-1800: Maps, Magazine Engravings, and William Birch” (Rutgers, W. Bellion)

Contemporary Art

Tinti, Mary M., “The Contemporary Art of Travel: Siting Public Sculpture within the Culture of Flight” (Rutgers, J. Marter)

Early Christian/Byzantine art

Poe, Alison Crystal, “The Third-Century Mausoleum (“Hypogaeum”) of the Aurelii in Pagan or Mixed-Religion Collegium Tomb” (Rutgers, A. St. Clair Harvey)

Greek and Roman Art

Gross, Robert, “Hellenistic Royal Iconography in Glyptics” (Rutgers, J. Kenfield)


Giuffre, Joseph Randall, “Design in Raphael’s Roman Workshop” (Rutgers, S. McHam)

Poole, Katherine, "The Medici Grand Dukes and the Art of Conquest: Ruling Identity and the Formation of a Tuscan Empire, 1537-1609" (Rutgers, S. McHam)

Zalamea, Patricia, “"Subject to Diana: Myth, Identity and Artistic Origins in French Court Imagery" (Rutgers, C. Puglisi)

Performance Studies/Installation/Environmental Art

Hillman, Susanne Naima, "Robert Rauschenberg, Robert Whitman and Billy Klüver: From “9 Evenings” to “Experiments in Art and Technology”" (Rutgers, J. Marter) [in the name Klüver, the “u” has an umlaut]

Renaissance/Baroque Art

Poole, Katherine T., “The Medici Grand Dukes and the Art of Conquest: Ruling Identity and the Formation of a Tuscan Empire, 1537-1609,” (McHam) May 2007



Atkins, Christopher, "The Master's Touch: Frans Hals's Rough Manner" (Rutgers, M. Westermann)

Twentieth-Century Art

Edelman, Aliza, "Abstract Expressionism and Women Artists: A Gendered Reading of the 1950's" (Rutgers, J. Marter)


Architectural History/Historic Preservation

Clancy, Brian Carl, "An Architectural History of Grand Opera Houses: Constructing Cultural Identity in Urban America from 1850 to the Depression" (Yanni) January 2005

Nineteenth-Century Art

Gwinn, Mary S. "Reading as Revelation: Odilon Redon's Albums on Flaubert's 'Temptation of St. Antony'" (Yanni) May 2005

Renaissance/Baroque Art

Callahan, Meghan, "Suor Domenica da Paradiso and her Convent of La Crocetta in Post-Savonarolan Florence" (McHam) May 2005

Diebel, Sarah E., "The Structure of Memory in Italian Renaissance Art" (Goffen) May 2005

Guest, Emma T.K., "The Illustration of Virgil's Bucolics and its Influence in Italian Renaissance Art" (McHam) May 2005

Wang, Aileen June, "Michelangelo's Self-Fashioning in Text and Image" (Goffen) Jan 2005

Twentieth-Century Art

Carlino, Justin David "Native American Art as Sources for American Sculpture after 1940" (Marter) May 2005


19th & Early 20th Century European

Francesca Bacci-Melcher, " Impressions in Light: Photographs of Sculptures by Medardo Rosso (1858-1928)" (Spector) October 2004

Art of the United States

O’Hare, Mary Kate, “Fashioning Manhood: John Singer Sargent and the Construction of Masculinity at the Turn of the Century” (Baigell) 2004

Contemporary Art

Alderson, Julia Louise, “Nancy Holt and the Sculptural Lens” (Marter) 2004

Atkins, Sharon Matt, “Art Appropriation and Identity Since 1980” (Marter) 2004

Critical Theory/Gender Studies/Visual Studies

Burger, Stacy Schultz, “The Female Body in Performance: Themes of Beauty, Body Image, Identity, and Violence” (Marter) 2004

Renaissance/Baroque Art

Bloch, Amy R., "Ritual Performance in Renaissance Florence and the Sculpture of Lorenzo Ghiberti," (McHam) 2004

Lois Munemitsu Eliason, "The Virgin's Sacred Belt and the Fifteenth-Century Artistic Commissions at Santo Stefano, Prato" (McHam) 2004

Festa, Lisa Ann, “Representations of Saint Cecilia in Italian Renaissance and Baroque Painting and Sculpture” (Puglisi) 2004

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